17 Idols Who Have Ridiculously Good-Looking Relatives

Good looks run in the family.

1. TWICE Momo’s sister

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There is a two-year age gap between Hana and Momo, but the Hirai sisters are equally stunning.

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They are living proof that good genes run in the family!

2. BTS J-Hope’s sister

Jung Dawon is four years older than J-Hope, but with her youthful looks she could be mistaken for his twin.

With such stunning beauty, this fashion designer could easily be mistaken for an idol herself!

3. Kim Sae Ron’s mom

This actress’s mom has got it going on!

20-year-old Kim Sae Ron is 20 years younger than her 40-year-old mother, but these two could easily pass for siblings.

4. NS Yoon G’s brother

NS Yoon G’s brother Sean (Jonghyun) is so good-looking that he could be scouted on the street for his handsome visuals!

5. GOT7 Jinyoung’s sisters

This GOT7 member has two beautiful sisters, Soo Young and Bo Young. 

The sisters tend to shy away from the limelight, but they don’t seem to mind taking selfies with their famous brother!

6. TWICE Chaeyoung’s mom and brother

In addition to being youthful and gorgeous, Chaeyoung’s mom also knows how to pose for the camera!

Chaeyoung’s brother, Son Jeong Hoon, is super good-looking too.

Some fans even want him to join JYP Entertainment because he’s just that attractive!

7. Zico’s brother and mother

Zico’s brother, rapper Taewoon, shares Zico’s good looks and rapping skills, but at least one of these skills was inherited from their beautiful mother.

8. BTS V’s cousin

Like VKim Eun Jin is a natural model who takes stunning selcas! This picture of her has been floating around the internet for a while now, so chances are she’s even more beautiful now than she was back then.

9. EXO Chanyeol’s sister

Park Yoo Ra also has a career in the public eye but not as an idol, despite what her visuals might suggest! She was a news announcer, who has reported on EXO a number of times.

10. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s mom and brother

Good genes definitely run in this family!

Taeyeon and her handsome brother inherited their good looks from…

…their mother!

11. TWICE Jihyo’s entire family

Jihyo’s parents and sisters took this photo with her when they came to celebrate Jihyo’s birthday during  TWICE’s showcase in Japan. There’s not a bad-looking one in the bunch!

12. BLACKPINK Rosé‘s sister

When fans discovered Alice Park they couldn’t believe her idol-level visuals…

…or how much she looks like Jisoo! The resemblance is uncanny.

13. SHINEE Onew’s dad

Like father…

…like son!

14. TWICE Tzuyu’s mom

Now we know where those gorgeous looks came from!

15. GOT7 BamBam’s family

Every single one of BamBam‘s relatives is a model in the making!

16. f(x) Amber’s sister

Amber’s sister Jackie is well known amongst international fans and is often sighted with Amber on social media. Jackie looks a great deal like her beautiful sister, aside from her long hair!

17. TWICE Jeongyeon’s sisters

JYP Entertainment could easily make a sister group for TWICE made up of the members’ real sisters!

Jeongyeon’s sisters, Seo Yeon and Seung Yeon, could be the group’s visuals.