17 K-Drama Locations You Can Actually Visit

You can feel for a moment like you are IN “Goblin”.

1. Gukje Market – From the movie Gukje Market

Gukje Market is one of the largest markets in Busan, Korea. It was started by refugees who fled to Busan during the Korean War, and it was featured in the movie Gukje Market, making it a hot tourist destination for both Koreans and foreigners.

2. Jung Dong Jin Beach – From the K-Drama Sandglass

Jung Dong Jin beach is one of the most popular spots to see the sunrise. It was featured in the drama Sandglass back in 1995, which was the hottest drama of the time. Although the beach is pretty small, it is usually filled with people who come to see the rising sun.

3. Joomoonjin Beach – From the K-Drama Goblin

Joomoonjin beach became one of the most loved beaches in Korea after Goblin was filmed. Joomoonjin beach is not very far from Jung Dong Jin beach, and you can see the beautiful sunrise and have a memorable time posing exactly like the characters from the drama.

4. Huam 108 Stairs – From the K-Drama What Happened In Bali

Huamdong 108 Stairs is a popular spot for movies and K-Dramas. One of the most famous dramas to use the stairs was What happened in Bali, in which So Ji Sub’s mother’s restaurant was located directly off of the famous steps.

5. Yeouido Park – From the movie The Host

Yeouido Park by the Han river is one of Seoul’s most popular spots for both exercise and leisure. The movie The Host was filmed here, scaring everyone with this horrifying creature destroying such an ordinary but beautiful place that they visit every day.

6. Namsan – From movies and K-Dramas including My Name Is SamsoonMy Love from the Stars and Boys Over Flowers

Namsan, located in the centre of Seoul, is one of the hottest places to visit for both Koreans and foreigners. Many dramas and movies are regularly shot in Namsan, due to its beautiful night view and unique vibe.

7. Cheonggyecheon – From various K-Dramas including Cold Eyes, Jeon Woo Chi, Athena and Iris

Cheonggyecheon is a stream that flows through Seoul. It is a popular spot for residents and tourists who wish to have a quiet time to rest and escape the busy city.

8. Wolmido – From the K-Drama Descendants of the Sun

Wolmido is an island located in Incheon, Korea. It is not very far from Seoul and it has a pretty big theme park which attracts many visitors. Many K-Dramas and movies are filmed here.

9. Jeju Salt Beach – From the K-Drama Missing 9

Jeju island has many famous beaches and Jeju Salt beach is one of them. You can see the beautiful scenery and pretty waves all throughout the year.

10. Lotte World – From K-Dramas including Stairs to Heaven, Athena and Perfect the Boss

Lotte World is a theme park located in Seoul that was opened in 1989. It is loved by Koreans and tourists all throughout the year with its indoor and outdoor attractions. Naturally, it is a popular place for many K-Dramas and films set in Korea.

11. Nami Island – From the drama Winter Sonata

Nami Island is a famous tourist spot located in Chuncheon, Korea. Nami Island’s Metasequoia lane is famous for its perfectly lined-up trees that welcome everyone to take a quiet walk.

12. Suncheon Drama Set – From the K-Drama Baker Kim Tak Goo

Suncheon drama set is a huge outdoor drama set that reproduced the streets of Korea from the 60s to the 80s. Many dramas and movies are filmed here to show viewers what it was like to live in Korea back in those days.

13. Coffee Prince Café – From the K-Drama Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince was a big hit back in 2007. You can now visit the coffee shop where Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye found their true love, and it is located in Buamdong, Seoul.

14. Hanmi Bookstore – From Goblin

Hanmi Bookstore is a mini bookstore that has been open since 1955 located in Incheon, Korea. It is loved by all who visit it for its cozy interior and bright yellow exterior. It appeared in Goblin and became a must-visit spot for K-Drama lovers.

15. Petite France – From My Love From the Stars

Petite France is a mini village composed of 16 adorable French-style buildings and looks exactly like a small town in France brought straight to South Korea.

16. Korean Folk Village – From K-Dramas including The Moon Embracing the Sun and Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Korean Folk Village is a village that recreates the buildings and environment of the Joseon dynasty. It is where most dramas and movies set in the Joseon dynasty are filmed. In addition, there are educational programs held throughout the year where you can learn about and experience traditional Korean culture.

17. DDP – From K-Dramas including My Love From the Stars and She Was Pretty

DDP is a short for Dongdaemoon Design Plaza and the location is one of the most vibrant places in Seoul. It is a place where design-related shows and exhibitions take place all throughout the year, including Seoul Fashion Week.