17 Times BLACKPINK Hugged And Stole Our Hearts With Their Friendship

We want their friendship!

BLACKPINK is known for their close friendship with each other. Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa aren’t afraid to show off just how close they are with their frequent skinship.

Here are some times they made us all jealous of their friendship with their warm hugs!

1. BLACKPINK giving side hugs in a performance ending pose

2. Lisa giving Rosé a kiss on the cheek

3. Jisoo and Rosé hugging in a hotel lobby

4. Jennie and Jisoo showing off their adorable selves

5. Lisa and Jennie being casual and cozy in BLACKPINK TV

6. Jennie leaning peacefully on Lisa

7. Lisa and Jennie hugging again, but even sweeter!

8. BLACKPINK standing close while they show off their YouTube play button

9. Lisa and Rosé giving a big heart to BLINKS

10. Rosé and Jennie wearing the biggest smiles around

11. Lisa practically jumping into Rosé’s arms

12. Lisa giving Jennie a back hug

13. Lisa giving an “Are you jealous?” face to everyone who’s not hugging Rosé

14. Rosé throwing a heart finger with Jennie right beside her

15. Jennie greeting Jisoo a happy birthday

16. BLACKPINK being together, genuinely happy

17. They’re really the sweetest!