17 Times BLACKPINK Lisa Was Straight Up Savage

When it comes to evil maknaes, Lisa is one of a kind.

1. When she shamelessly complimented herself.

Lisa is awesome, and she knows it.


2. When she picked on a selfie stick.

Lisa tried, in vain, to knock the selfie stick out of Rosé‘s hand.

Failure was her only regret.


3. “You can ignore her.”


4. When she snapped behind the scenes photos.

This savage maknae embarrassed her unnie by taking unnecessary snapshots of this romantic scene.


5. “Don’t even try.”


6. When she punished her unnie for not sharing.

You won’t give me the box? Okay.


7. When Lisa became the unnie and Jisoo became the maknae while cooking.

Lisa has no problem ordering the older BLACKPINK members around.


8. That time a netizen wrote “Jennie is dumb” and Lisa laughed.


9. When Lisa grilled Rosé for her grilling skills.

Uncooked meat? Lisa wouldn’t allow it. She playfully shouted at Rosé, who then apologized for undercooking it.


10. When she pinched Jennie during a live broadcast. Twice.


11. When she called Rosé by her real name.

Lisa said “Park Chaeyoung” so fiercely that it sounded like she wanted to fight.

Jennie‘s expression says it all.


13. When she scared a kitty that was minding its own business.

Lisa made a loud, yowling noise that startled the cat, then pointed out more cats she could scare!


14. When she bullied Jisoo during an audio broadcast.

No video? No problem. Lisa gets away with bullying her members even more when no cameras are present.


15. When she told Rosé to take an insult as a compliment.

During a live broadcast, Lisa tried to describe Rosé’s “Chipmunk” face in a flattering way, but failed. Instead of apologizing, this savage maknae told Rosé to accept the insult as a compliment.


16. When she tortured Rosé with tickles.

During an audio broadcast, Rosé recounted how Lisa would attack her with tickles.

The tickle torture didn’t stop, even while she was sleeping.

Savage Lisa insisted that she was just being playful. She even put the blame on Rosé by telling her it was her fault for going to bed too early!


17. When she walked away.


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