17 Times Lee Min Ho Made Our Jaws Drop With His Perfect Boyfriend Vibes And Breath-Taking Visuals

Happy birthday, Lee Min Ho! Thank you for blessing the fans with your boyfriend-like visuals. 🎉

Lee Min Ho‘s drama The King: Eternal Monarch has recently ended…

…so loyal viewers of the show won’t be able to see the king’s royal visuals on the screen anymore.

But this doesn’t mean that they can’t see Min Ho’s boyish charms, right?

After all, Min Ho’s boyfriend-like visuals is a gift that’s meant to be seen — so here are top 17 pictures of him serving his most “perfect boyfriend” vibes. You’re welcome!

1. Taking a candid picture of him during travel

2. Sending you a selfie with his dog to brighten up your day

3. You couldn’t resist taking this shot when you told him a funny joke

4. While waiting for the boarding of your plane to start

5. Arriving at your destination and going to the beach immediately

6. Having a leisure breakfast in Paris

7. And of course, eating outside again for dinner because it’s his birthday

8. Visiting a house-themed cafe together

9. Asking him to take a selfie so you can snap this shot

10. You couldn’t decide which one looked better — the view, or him?

11. Straight-faced Min Ho even looks good at every angle…

12. …yes, even when he’s just sleeping!

13. Pouting because you told him to make a cute face

14. Setting up a park date in your local neighborhood

15. Visiting his filming set and admiring how serious he is about work

16. Sending you this picture when you asked him what he’s doing

17. And reminding you to always wear your mask so you can stay healthy during this pandemic, simply because he cares for you

Speaking of boyfriend vibes, did you know that Min Ho’s chemistry with his former co-star Kim Go Eun is off the charts? Check out their romantic compatibility below:

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