18 Cringe-Worthy Things K-Dramas Inspired Fans To Do

These confessions are embarrassing, but true.

On Reddit, K-Drama fans shared some of the most embarrassing, cringe-inducing things their favourite Korean shows made them do. Here are 18 of their deepest and darkest confessions!


1. Secret Garden fashion

“I bought myself Hyunbin‘s blue sequined tracksuit from Secret Garden and wore it to a K-Pop concert… It turned heads!”  evilrom


2. Inner Healer

Healer rocked my world when I first watched it. I went around with a baseball hat, sunglasses, and a hood up in 100 degree weather because I wanted to channel my inner Healer.”  wrlddmntr


3. Diagnosis? K-Drama fever

“I crashed my cell phone and had to take it to the store, for them to tell me I was running drama fever app for too many hours.”  mtggeekgirl


4. Drunk shoutouts

“The first time I got drunk, I couldn’t stop yelling about Ji Chang Wook and Park Bo Gum. As if I don’t fangirl about my favorite actors enough sober!” — wrlddmntr


5. When binge-watching leads to an intervention

“My two friends and I binged on Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo together and the month following that we 3 would randomly scream out “SWAG” after anything remotely funny.
Spoilers: No one found it funny and almost stopped calling us for gatherings. We had an Intervention.”  haruharu1


6. Got to have those parkour jams

“I downloaded the Healer parkour song into my phone and listened to it while wearing the suspicious get-up.”  wrlddmntr


7. Shopping like Goblin 

“After my friend and I watched Goblin, every time we went shopping together we would say “Goblin would wear that” or “Grim Reaper would wear that” and to be honest I did buy some things because of that.”  — girlsnotgray


8. The reason for this break-up

“When I first started watching dramas I stayed up all night and slept all day and it affected my then relationship to the point of breaking up.”   mtggeekgirl


9. WHAT?

“I have the WHAT sound effect from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo as my notification tone. Every time I get a text message it goes WHAT really loud, and everyone who hears it always gets scared.”  — ayakae


10. Sulking in the shadows

“My phone ringtone is the theme song from City Hunter, that I custom made for myself. For days after I made it, I walked around playing it while sulking in the shadows.”  Stepheebean


11. Wedding song

“I was pretty convinced that I was going to have the song with the violins from Princess Hours at my wedding as I walked down the aisle. So….there’s that.”  bearinapeoplecostume


12. K-Drama girls

“You know how in dramas the girls always playfully hit the guys? I’ve found myself doing that with my boyfriend saying “aigoo” or “omo” a lot…”— bananas21


13. Calling in sick

“I lied to my mum that I got a fever so I could call in sick for school just to finish a Korean drama.”  helloseb


14. Dating advice from a pro

“I just ordered the Dami Park book from W: Two Worlds, the one he used to get dating advice from.” — omg_for_real


15. This theme song

“I got piss drunk at karaoke in Koreatown, Duluth GA and sang the entire My Girlfriend is a Gumiho theme song. You know the one.”  Berfaderf


16. These #FriendshipGoals

“Me and my friend tried recreating scenes from Goblin and Love in the Moonlight in public. We’d also sing the OSTs when we are alone.” — NIkaTheGreat


17. Daydreaming

“I daydreamed that I was the foreign Guem Jan Di from Boys Over Flowers and that I was dating each of F4 and that I was the foreign girl they were after. Also did the same with Playful Kiss. I imagined myself in Oh Ha Ni‘s place.” — Soul-of-a-Bird


18. Hobbies include: cleaning and crying

“I just spent twenty hours watching stupid beautiful lovely Scarlet Hearts: Ryeo and then I stayed up the rest of the night cleaning and crying.”  merlinannblack