18 K-Pop Encore Stages That Are Definitely Out Of The Box Unusual

Really, really out of the box!

Every single encore stage is a cause for celebration and some major excitement. While each group or idol does the special stage in a unique way, sometimes things are taken a little bit further with some added elements of surprise! Whether it’s something that makes their fans laugh or something totally unexpected, here are just a few of the many outstanding encore stages that have blown everyone away with their crazy uniqueness!


1. TWICE’s cool win

TWICE did promise that if they came in number one for “Dance The Night Away” they’d sing their encore with ice cubes in their mouths!


And they certainly delivered making their #DanceTheNightAway3rdWin ceremony incredibly refreshing, cute, and memorable!


2. BTS’s cup of dreams

Well, to be honest, a lot of trophies do resemble giant cups…


So we can’t really blame Jungkook from taking a big sip from it during their encore stage of “Run”!


3. Wanna One’s memeful moment

What happens when you give the members of Wanna One some makeup and the chance to use them onstage during an encore stage of “Light”?


Well, you end up with some great meme material of Ong Seongwoo!


4. BIGBANG’s big surprise

G-Dragon and TOP were at Inkigayo performing “Zutter” but that’s not the song that won that week! Instead, it was “Let’s Not Fall In Love”.


So when it came down to it, the two gathered up their courage and sang the entire song themselves!


5. SHINee putting their maknae‘s life on the line

SHINee have done a whole bunch of wacky and wonderful things during their encore stages over the years but there is one particular encore stage of “Dream Girl” that always shocks fans…


With amazing acrobatic skills! And don’t worry Taemin gets out of this situation just fine!


6. Red Velvet’s bingsu break

When Red Velvet won with “Power Up” they decided to celebrate with something refreshing and cool!


A delicious bingsu! As many fans have pointed out the girls were so focused on the frozen treat that they forgot to sing in some parts. But it’s okay, we all totally understand!


7. MAMAMOO’s mukbang

Who wouldn’t want a snack after winning big? And MAMAMOO was going to celebrate with a ramen mukbang!


It’s just too bad that those noodles were too hot. We feel you Hwasa!


8. HIGHLIGHT’s still life

Don’t worry you aren’t imagining things. The members of HIGHLIGHT aren’t stuck…


They decided to do the mannequin challenge live on stage!


9. Girls’ Generation’s real life “Lion Heart”

Of course, an encore stage of “Lion Heart” was going to need a real-life lion appearance…


And Tiffany was more than happy to oblige!


10. EXO’s real relay problems

EXO decided to spice things up for the “Tempo” encore performance by doing a relay dance. The only problem was they weren’t all too sure how to do it!


Luckily, it didn’t take them long to figure it out and create something incredibly memorable!


11. SHINee’s not so happy married life

When SHINee won with “Married To The Music” they…err…showed how happy they were to win with this now infamous sad jam.


Despite their sad jams, they were actually really happy and wanted to bring a smile to Shawols faces with these particular display. If it didn’t make you smile, we don’t know what will!


12. BTS’s endless bag of tricks

After BTS won on Music Bank with “IDOL” they popped off the stage to go grab a few items…


And grab a few more! With so many unexpected props it was almost like BTS had a special bag of tricks they kept pulling from!


13. BTOB’s show of great love

How else should you celebrate a big win?


How about taking a page from BTOB and showering your leader with a whole bunch of kisses!


14. TWICE’s shared stage

With two members of DAY6 on stage with them…


They talked them into joining in on the celebration!


15. TWICE does it again

Not satisfied with just celebrating with Wonpil and YoungK, TWICE turned to Stray Kids when they gave their special performance of “What Is Love”.


And we’ve got to say the boys impressed with their dance moves!


16. INFINITE’s special guest

Does anyone actually know why INFINITE decided to dress L up as a caterpillar for their “Tell Me” encore?


Well, even if none of us knows it’s honestly one of the most unique stages out there that you can’t help but love!


17. EXO’s certainly won big

During one particular win with “Lotto” there was this jaw-dropping moment where the members throwing D.O. into the air. And then there was Chanyeol‘s reaction afterward…


But there was actually a lot more going on during this particular stage (like a special appearance by NCT Dream)!


18. BTS’s all-new choreography

“Spring Day” took on a whole different feeling with some special never before seen choreography by Jin!


And we love it! Any chance we can see it again?


Bonus: Girls’ Generation’s excitement

There’s just no way to explain this particular encore stage so go ahead and give it a listen!