These Are 18 K-Pop Music Video Worlds That Fans Want To Live In

Have you ever wished you could live in a fantasy K-Pop music video world?

Let’s face it, the world feels kind of bleak and boring these days, and it can be nice to fantasize what it might be like to live somewhere else. Somewhere that’s summery and relaxing, or fantastical and magical, or mysterious and alluring… Basically, the kinds of worlds you can find in K-Pop music videos! Fans recently discussed on a forum about the K-Pop music videos that they would most like to dive into and be a part of the world within them. Here are 18 of their choices, and their reasons as to why. Which music video would you choose?

1. IU: “Good Day”

“The setting looks so Christmasy and wholesome and I want to fall in love in a place like this (hopefully not rejected like IU ;-;). Also, I want her sweaters.”

2. Dreamcatcher: “Fly High”

“I want to be a witch and dance in front of an abandoned school/mansion.”

3. OH MY GIRL: “Closer”

“I want to live in a pretty fairy garden ;-;”

4. MAMAMOO: “Starry Night”

“All dem nature shots”

“I second this, definitely wouldn’t mind to move to New Zealand”

5. EXO: “MAMA”

“EXO’s Mama would be nice too because I would get to have superpowers AND act dramatic all the time.”

6. f(x): “4 Walls”

“I want to live in that magical dreamy forest that f(x) visited when they were tripping in 4 Walls”

7. SISTAR: “I Swear”

“They just seem to be having so much fun chilling on their road trip by the beach in the sun. Would kill for that right now really”

8. GOT7: “You Are”

“Freedom. Peace. Nature. Love it.”

9. ASTRO: “All Night”

“This is the most beautiful mv I have ever seen in my entire life and I simply just want to be in it.”

10. Girls’ Generation: “Lion Heart”

“SNSD Lionheart- would you like to live in Sunny’s bakery whilst also having PERFECT HAIR”

11. ONEUS: “Twilight”

“Beautiful castle, nature shots in nearby woods, victorian-era clothes with a touch of vampire aesthetic all shot in stunning natural lighting (during the twilight, who’d have thought) is exactly my jam”

12. WAYV: “Dream Launch”

“Dream Launch by WayV is the ideal one for me because it’s cozy and space themed.”


“For companionship, I got a canine buddy. There’s some board games to keep myself entertained. I could sleep in the vault and keep all my supplies in there. And most importantly, there’s a T-34-85.”

14. TWICE: “Dance the Night Away”

“DTNA by Twice because I want to live in a beach episode.”

15. Hyolyn: “See Sea”

“See Sea would also be a good option because I want to go outside and live in California sunshine but instead I’m stuck in a snowy hell right now.”

16. EXO: “Ko Ko Bop”

“I’d love me some trippy tropical paradise where everyone’s automatically hot. Also gimme dem giant flying burgers damn”

17. Cosmic Girls: “Dreams Come True”

“Any one of wjsn’s spacey mvs bc omg colorful pastelly space fantasy is always a 10/10”

18. SHINee: “Lucky Star”

“I don’t even particularly like the song, but a camping trip and hot air balloon ride with SHINee sounds awesome.”

Source: Forum