18 Most Shocking Scandals That Ever Happened In Korean Universities

Just what exactly happened there?!?

There’s no need to watch a Korean drama set at a university! Check out these IRL scandals that happened at campuses across South Korea.


1. At Seoul National University, one student who was accepted to med school didn’t register, for the sole reason that they missed the registration period.

They ended up attending Yonsei University’s med school program instead. Still, losing the chance to study medicine at the best school in South Korea for such a silly reason must have hurt.


2. Seoul National University’s anonymous life forum was hacked and all the posters’ personal information was revealed.

The identities of female students who wanted to seduce professors and details about their sex life were made public. As a result, a record-breaking amount of students applied for a leave of absence.


3. On Yonsei University’s online community, a story about a fellow student referred to as “Waxing Girl” was shared.

Waxing Girl was said to be open about receiving a bikini wax, had a glamorous body, and a very open sex life fueled by her alcohol consumption. It was revealed Waxing Girl was a 21 year old freshman biology student.


4. There was one engineering student who was so obnoxious on Yonsei’s campus.

Although the others would trying to laugh it off, he would make all kinds of sexual jokes. Eventually, fellow male students got angry and beat him up together. By the time the police arrived, the perpetrators had already run away and they were never caught.


5. An engineering student from Korea University got into Yonsei University’s dentistry program.

He resented the culture in Engineering and left a post on Korea University’s anonymous message board. He message could be summed up to say “so long suckers!” and he left for Yonsei University. His identity was revealed and Engeneering students started find him online, but his new peers, the dentistry students, stood up for him!


6. A Korea University student retook the CSAT, just for fun.

They scored high enough to get into Seoul National University’s business program. However, they were already a junior in university and thought they were too old to start all over again, so they just continued their studies at Korea University.


7. At Seogang University, a student died under suspicious circumstances.

It turned out they had THREE majors — business, economics, and law. As a result, they passed away from overwork.


8. A student at Seogang University re-took the CSATs and received a decently high mark.

They let their excitement get ahead of them and posted on Seogang Uni’s online community saying “Have fun staying hereㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’m going to Yonseiㅋㅋㅋㅋ”. However, due to an unprecedented number of students applying for Yonsei’s business administration program, the student returned to Seogang. Needless to say, they remained as an outsider for the rest of their studies.


9. A student who was on the waiting list for Yonsei University decided to attend the SungGyunKwan University entrance ceremony.

As the chancellor began to call for the “Over the sky” chant, the student got a text that they were accepted to Yonsei University. They screamed “UNDER THE SKY” and left the ceremony. Sky is also the acronym for Korea’s top three universities: Seoul, Korea, and Yonsei.


10. SungGyunKwan’s Department of Arts’ Global Series program had a record-breaking number of students with failing grades around 2012-2013.

A student wrote a post sarcastically bragging about the school’s massive failure on an online community and got a phone call from the admissions office. They were threatened and told to stop writing about the situation. Another student who failed told to take the truth of his grades to the grave.


11. During a school festival at Hanyang University, there was an opportunity to bungee jump from a crane.

Unfortunately, the rope snapped and the student jumping died. The event planner received a 2-year jail sentence.


12. A perverted Hanyang student was filming upskirt videos in the library and uploading it to an online community, all while bragging about his actions.

One student saw this and got so angry, he caught the perpetrator in the act and had him arrested. The pervert tried to claim he was a high school student, but it was discovered he indeed studying at Hanyang.


13. Known for being one of Korea’s most famous literary professors, a man only known as “Professor Seo” at Kyunghee University was fired after outcry from a Women’s Rights group on campus after claims that he had sexually assaulted someone.

Apparently, the real story is that a woman who loved Professor Seo was upset that he didn’t feel the same way as her. She told a false story to the Women’s Rights group who used only her testimony as proof. The professor was forever disgraced as a result.


14. On a popular online community about cars, a user named “JoongAng Waitlister” made a post saying that if he got into JoongAng University his parents would purchase a Lamborghini for him.

As the commenters started to call him a liar, he continued to claim that it was the truth and even mocked them. The other members got annoyed so his identity was revealed and it turned out he was a student at JoongAng University. He thought that it would raise the reputation of JoongAng University if people thought it was a school worth gifting a Lambo for.


15. During former President Obama’s speech at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, all you could hear was the sound of smartphones taking photos of Obama.

Obama himself was dumbfounded by the constant sounds of the camera clicks. The school also hosts supposedly the best foreign language high school in Korea, yet only 20% of the students there could understand the speech.


16. At the City University of Seoul, a couple was caught having sex in a student lounge.

It wasn’t even a private lounge, but out in public. The scandal as well as the personal details were spread around and the two ended up taking an indefinite leave of absence from school.


17. A Hongik University student went on KBS Beautiful Ladies’ Chat and stated that guys who are shorter than 180cm are losers.

She received a lot of criticism, especially on Hongik University online communities, saying she tarnished the school’s reputation. The student took a break from school and finished the rest of her education abroad. As the rumors go, she got an internship at a big company but as soon as she was recognized she was fired! No one knows her whereabouts now.


18. At Konkuk University, a student was drinking on campus and got into an argument with a Chinese international student.

Since they couldn’t communicate with each other well, they decided to have a swimming competition in the campus pond. They drowned, and their bodies were found the next day. Since then, drinking on campus has been banned at Konkuk Uni.

Source: MLB Park