18 Multilingual K-Pop Idols Who May Speak Your Native Language

Some of these idols may speak your language.

With the globalization of K-Pop more and more multilingual idols are entering the industry and it’s not just English and Korean. Some idols speak even more than three languages!

Here’s a list of idols who are fluent in more than three languages.

1. BLACKPINK Lisa – English, Thai, Japanese

Lisa has been a trainee at YG Entertainment since 2010, but was first discovered in Bangkok, Thailand. She is fluent in English, Thai, and Japanese, along with Korean.

2. BIGBANG Seungri – Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese

BIGBANG’s Seungri is so fluent in Japanese, that he goes on variety shows in Japan without an interpreter and talks without any hesitations. He is also known to be fluent in Chinese, where he could just freely impersonate other BIGBANG members in Chinese.

3. CLC Elkie – English, Cantonese, Korean

CLC’s Elkie grew up in Hong Kong and she worked as a child actress when she was young. There are several interviews of her speaking fluent Cantonese and English.

4. The Boyz Haknyeon – Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean

The Boyz Haknyeon is half Chinese, as his late father was from China. He has shown his Cantonese speaking skills during broadcasts, as he is known to be fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese.

5. f(x) Amber – Korean, English, Japanese, Mandarin

Although f(x)’s Amber was born in Los Angeles, both her parents are from Taiwan. She graduated high school in California, and she is also fluent in Chinese as well.

6. BTS RM – English, Japanese, Korean

Although BTS’s RM has never studied or lived abroad, he speaks fluent English. RM has also shown incredible progress in Japanese in a short period of time. He regularly serves as an interpreter for his teammates in English interviews.

7. EXID Hani – English, Chinese, Korean

Before Hani debuted as a singer, she studied abroad in China for six months. However, her Chinese speaking ability is impressive, given the short period of time she spent there.

8. GOT7 BamBam – English, Thai, Korean

BamBam can speak Thai, Korean and now English. Although his English is not at a native level, like Jackson or Mark, he has shown tremendous improvement.

9. NCT Ten – English, Thai, Korean

Ten was born in Thailand and speaks fluent Thai, but he also speaks English pretty well, as he attended Shrewsbury International School in Thailand.

10. 2PM Nichkhun – Korean, English, Thai, Chinese

It’s widely known that 2PM’s Nichkhun is talented in many languages. Although he was born in California, his father is Thai born ethnic Chinese and so he learned Thai at a young age. As Nichkhun was training in JYP Entertainment, he learned how to speak Korean and Chinese.

11. GOT7’s Jackson – Cantonese, English, Chinese, French, Korean

Just how perfect can a man get? Just look at GOT7’s Jackson. He has the looks, fame and communication skills as he is fluent in 5 different languages, including Korean.

12. Super Junior-M Henry – Cantonese, Korean, Chinese, English, Taiwanese, French

Super Junior-M’s Henry must be a genius. He not only speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and English well, he speaks fluent Taiwanese and French as well.

13. 2PM’s Taecyeon – Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish

2PM’s Taecyeon, who immigrated to America when he was in elementary school, is able to speak English, Korean, Spanish, and Chinese fluently. He even wrote a lyric in Spanish for his Japanese album track “Traicion”.

14. MOMOLAND’s Ahin – English, Chinese, Korean

Before MOMOLAND’s Ahin became a trainee at Double Kick Entertainment, she was studying in Shanghai at Shanghai United International School. As Ahin lived in China for over 11 years, she speaks fluent Chinese and English because of that.

15. SHINee’s Key – Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese

SHINee’s Key is a true multi-talented idol. He sings, dances, raps, acts and speaks four languages fluently. He can speak Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese and can be seen making jokes in any of these languages.

16. SHINee Onew – Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese

As SHINee’s Onew was a trainee in SM Entertainment, he learned how to speak Japanese and Chinese, as well as English. He can be seen in interviews in China, speaking fluent Chinese. And during SHINee’s concerts and fan meetings in Japan he always shows off his language skills.

17. BoA – Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese

BoA is the first idol from SM Entertainment to go through an idol training program. Since she was 11 years old, she learned how to speak Japanese, English, and Chinese, along with singing and dancing, making her multilingual at such a young age.

18. CL – Korean, English, Japanese, French

CL was born in Seoul, but she spent much of her early life in Japan and France. As a result, she can speak Korean, English, Japanese, French fluently. What a nice asset to have when you are trying to become an international K-pop star!