Just 18 Photos Of Lovelyz Sujeong’s Unbelievably Sexy Waistline

Can you say body goals?

Lovelyz’s Sujeong has been gaining much attention for her unreal body proportions and sexy waistline through online K-Pop communities. Lovelyz is an eight member girl group that debuted under Woollim Entertainment. Sujeong is the lead vocalist of the group and is considered the ‘brain’ of the group. She certainly has both the brains and the visuals with her incredibly fit and sexy body!

1. Out-of-this-world proportions

2. Making the baseball field look like a model runway

3. She’s sexy and most definitely knows it

4. This legendary outfit that had Sujeong fans screaming

5. How are those proportions for real?

6. A real-life barbie doll transformed into an idol

7. Legs for days

8. Looking like a snacc in those jeans

9. Beauty and brains baby

10. You can see her slim waistline even from this half body shot

11. The iconic Sujeong fancam

12. Looking cute and sexy all at the same time

13. She’s a chameleon, going from sexy to cute in a matter of seconds

14. Strong woman power

15. Outfits be on point with her long legs and curvy hips

16. Her smile just makes everything a hundred times better

17. She can even make the school girl vibe look sexy

18. We love a confident queen

Who are some other idols that have unrealistic body proportions and waistlines?