18 Photos That Prove (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon Looks Flawless Regardless Of Camera Quality And Lighting

We love a born-to-be star!

Many photos of this generation can be altered with a quick fix through filter apps and professional photographers, but there are some people that were just born to shine through regardless of the camera quality and lighting. (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon was born flawless as seen in her baby photos and her beauty continues to radiate on today as seen in these strange angle and bad quality photos.

1. Even with the stark light and bad quality photos her beauty shines through

2. Even in this strange angle and blurriness you can see her flawless visuals

3. Even with half her body in the shadow, you can still see her amazing features.

4. She is glowing even in that crazy spot light

5. Even in an upward angle and doing a strange pose she still looks beautiful

6. You can see from her younger photos that she was born ready to be a star

7. These fan-taken photos can’t hide her visuals either!

8. It comes as no surprise seeing as this is how she looked like as a child

9. These camera quality photos look like photo shoot quality with Miyeon in them

10. Absolutely stunning

11. These behind-the-scene photos look high quality when she’s in them

12. It doesn’t matter if the lighting is yellow and the background is dark

13. Her beauty will always shine through

14. Her face was already K-Pop idol ready since the day she was born

15. We love a natural beauty queen

16. She looks so sweet in these cute selfie photos

17. We love our beautiful Miyeon!

18. We wish her only happiness and love

With both beauty and talent, Miyeon continues to grow and influence others through her hard work and passion towards music.


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