18 Pictures That Will Make You Say “Damn, I Completely Forgot”

Yes. TOP really did kiss her in front of everyone.

1. BoA with Britney Spears

Source: Asianluvs

2. The Original Wonder Girls

3. G-Dragon’s awesome long hair

4. 2PM with Jay Park

5. G-Dragon and Taeyang before BIGBANG days

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6. IU’s Bangs

7. Lee Hyori in Fin.K.L

8. T.O.P and Lee Hyori’s infamous kiss

9. The original Girls’ Generation before debut

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10. Girls’ Generation’s debut stage

11. The Original KARA

12. The old YG Entertainment building wall

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13. The pictures that Park Jin Young wants you to forget about…

14. Yang Hyun Suk’s past life as an idol

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15. The unforgettable idol fashion show moments…

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Source: Tistory
Source: Tistory

16, Yes. This is Christina Aguilera on Inkigayo

17. BoA with WESTLIFE!

18. Jimin wondering if he is charming during early BTS days