18 Remarkable K-Pop Stage Saves That Showed Idols’ True Professionalism

They averted disaster with ease.

Not every performance goes smoothly but with a bit of quick thinking, some amazing teamwork, and outstanding professionalism, K-Pop idols have been able to avert disaster! While these idols faced some serious challenges from technical issues to wardrobe malfunctions and beyond, their actions helped them give an absolutely flawless performance, even if they had to deal with few flaws first!

1. When Girls’ Generation’s Yuri saved her members from mic problems

Yuri smoothly handed off her microphone to former member Jessica and to Seohyun during one performance of “Gee”.

2. The time TWICE’s Tzuyu saved Momo from a wardrobe disaster

When Momo’s top came undone it could have been a disaster but with a little help from Tzuyu, the wardrobe disaster was gone!

3. When BTS’s Jungkook didn’t miss a single beat

Jungkook’s pesky microphone didn’t cause him to miss a single beat of the song.

4. When the members of Brave Girls were able to avoid disaster by hiding a fallen hair piece

When one of the member’s hair extension fell out, the girls quickly got it out of the picture by hiding it behind the stage prop!

5. The time EXO’s D.O. flawlessly broke the chain

D.O.’s mic may have gotten tangled with his chain but with one quick tug he broke it free!

6. This legendary and iconic mic moment with SHINee

SHINee’s teamwork was really put on display when they executed a series of maneuvers to get rid of Minho’s broken mic.

Truly a masterpiece!

7. This amazing handoff with Red Velvet’s Seulgi

This microphone handoff was so smooth if you blinked you probably missed it!

8. HOTSHOT Taehyun’s smooth response to entanglement

Although Taehyun suffered from his microphone getting all tangled up, he handled it brilliantly.

9. The legendary music stop moment with Apink

Now this one you just have to listen too because Apink had an amazing response to the sudden music cut!

10. When Oh My Girl’s Mimi made her fall look intentional

A fall can be a disaster but that was smooth af.

11. TWICE Sana’s smooth ribbon removal

When Sana meets a loose ribbon, she quickly dispatches it!

12. What BIGBANG did when the CD broke

This happened in BIGBANG’s early days but they handled it like a pro.

13. SEVENTEEN S.Coups’ makeshift jump

The spacing was off but S.Coups made it work.

14. EXID’s iconic instrument only performance

EXID added their own effects when they were presented with the wrong track during an “Up & Down” performance.

15. MAMAMOO Solar’s mustache magic

Solar’s mustache may have disappeared but you would never know it by how she handled it. Not to mention this was during their debut stage!

16. MAMAMOO Wheein’s epic halter save

Wheein’s quick fingers saved Hwasa from a major wardrobe disaster.

17. AKMU presenting sibling relationships at their best

When Suhyun’s mic broke, her brother saved the day…even if he wasn’t too keen on sharing with her during their harmonizations.

18. fromis_9 Chaeyoung’s quick wardrobe save

Chaeyoung’s skirt malfunction at the very beginning of one of their performances but she handled it like a true professional.