18 Secret Things Every K-Pop Fan Feels A Little Embarrassed About

We’ve all done this.

1. When you empty your bank account to buy K-Pop merchandise.

2. When all your friends come to you to ask about the latest K-Pop news.

3. When there are no subtitles for the video you want to watch and you watch it anyways.

4. Every time you calculate the time difference between Korea and your country.

5. When the international shipping fee is super expensive but you order K-Pop albums anyways.

6. When you are more comfortable with your online fan friends than your IRL non-K-Pop friends.

7. When the video says it’s not available in your country, so you bypass it with a shady VPN.

8. When Korean words come out of your mouth instead of your first language.

9. When a non-K-pop fan says something dumb about K-Pop and K-Pop fans.

10. When your wall is covered in idol posters.

11. When you were watching K-Pop performances instead of studying.

12. When your phone is about to explode with all the images and gifs of your bias.

13. When you stayed up all night to live stream K-Pop concerts.

14. When your bias is too young.

15. When your favorite K-Pop idol’s news decides your mood all day.

16. When concert tickets break your bank.

17. When you create a love line between your favorite idols in your head.

18. Your search history.