18 Times EXO’s Xiumin 100% Convinced Us All He’s The Real Maknae Of EXO

The most convincing fake maknae ever!

Xiumin may be the oldest member of EXO but he’s been fooling everyone for years! Not only does his youthful appearance make people believe he’s the maknae of the group, but his playful personality and applause-worthy aegyo have also fooled numerous individuals. Although he’s not the maknae, here are just a few times that he had everyone convinced that he really was!


1. When he shows off those too cute aegyo skills

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t remember Xiumin’s aegyo from their appearance on Knowing Brothers in 2017 even if it was a while ago! It was just too cute to forget!


2. The way he stepped up at the airport

Security checks never looked so adorable, but that’s the fake maknae for you!


3. When Xiumin had this reaction to a pigeon


4. Whatever you want to call this…

That little dance is so adorable!


5. The time he was fed by Chen

Isn’t it normally the hyungs who feed their dongsaengs?


6. And then his reaction

Well, Xiumin wasn’t afraid to show everyone exactly what he thought of that drink!


7. When he got a little funky on stage

Those streamers were just begging for a dance partner!


8. This bit of aegyo during an ISAC 2016 interview


9. His reaction to a wobbly Jenga tower


10. And when he really got into aegyo during Knowing Brothers

Alright, so pretty much all of the members were doing it but just look at Xiumin!


11. The time he was super excited about marshmallows

Who wouldn’t be though?


12. His VR shenanigans

He got so into them!


13. This straw moment


14. And this milk mustachioed one


15. A little bit more cuteness


16. And even more


17. We don’t think Xiumin can stop being this cute!


18. Seriously how is he this good at aegyo and not the maknae?