18 K-Pop Idols You Definitely Should Be Following On Instagram (If You Aren’t Already)

These stars are always posting something worth seeing.

1. G-Dragon (BIGBANG)

Why should you follow G-Dragon? Well, why not? 16 million people already are! Even though G-Dragon is currently away in the military, he is still the most-followed K-Pop idol on Instagram.

When active, G-Dragon likes to post colorful, aesthetically pleasing photos of art and fashion.


2. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

BLACKPINK just opened personal Instagram accounts this year, but already they have joined the ranks of the most-followed K-Pop stars.

Jisoo‘s account currently boasts 8 million followers and many beautiful, candid selfies from her daily life.


3. Taeyang (BIGBANG)

Like G-Dragon, Taeyang won’t be completing his mandatory military service until next year, but with 9.5 million followers, his account is still as popular as ever.

When active, Taeyang posts a mix of everything, including candid photos of himself with his friends, professional shots from photo shoots, snaps from his travels, artwork…

…and the occasional popsicle.


4. Jackson (GOT7)

If you’re trying to stay up to date on all things Jackson, definitely check out his megapopular Instagram account.

Jackson often posts his own promotional content, like posters and teasers, to let fans know what they can look forward to in the near future.



Out of BLACKPINK’s four members, Lisa and Jennie currently hold the top spots for the most Instagram followers with 10 and 9 million, respectively.

So far, Lisa has uploaded over 120 posts since opening her account this year, and those posts include selfies, photo shoots, and group pics with her BLACKPINK family.



Lisa and Rosé have both uploaded around the same amount of posts in 2018, so far, and share similar content with their fans.

Rosé loves to share gorgeous selfies and behind the scenes photos, but she also posts photos of flowers that are almost as pretty as she is.


7. Chanyeol (EXO)

Chanyeol is currently one of the most-followed EXO members on Instagram. His account currently boasts over 15 million followers and over 600 posts.

Chanyeol posts a variety of behind the scenes photos and videos from his daily life, including clips of him playing music in his studio.


8. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

If a non-fan were to accidentally stumbled upon Jennie‘s Instagram, they would most likely think she’s a model because her account is bursting with gorgeous selfies and photo shoot photos.

Jennie also loves to post photos of adorable animals!


9. Suzy

With 9 million followers, Suzy is one of the most-followed K-Pop beauties on Instagram. Her profile features emojis of make-up, shoes, and fashion, which accurately describes her Instagram content.

From selfies, to travel photos, to concert photos, to promo clips for top makeup brands, fashionistas will find something to love on Suzy’s account.



On Instagram, T.O.P is as known for his boss ass replies to fans as he is for his quirky content.

Prior to entering the military, T.O.P frequently introduced his fans to the world of modern art through his posts.


11. Yoona (Girls’ Generation)

With 9.5 million followers, Yoona is the second most-followed member in Girls’ Generation.

Yoona’s Instagram features photos of her celebrity friends, her outings, her delicious meals, and more.


12. Sehun (EXO)

If you’re looking for some chill content, then check out this EXO member’s account.

Sehun often posts relaxing photos of nature and landscapes in addition to selfies with his members, and promo photos for EXO events.


13. Baekhyun (EXO)

Baekhyun‘s account is full of flawless selfies that may inspire you to step up your skincare routine…

…but he also posts some comical content that reflects his sense of humor.


14. Amber [f(x}]

Amber‘s Instagram account is as real and fun as she is. Most of her selfies are bare-faced snapshots, and she isn’t shy about showing off her silly side.

Amber frequently post photos of her friends and her adorable puppy dog!


15. IU

IU fans will find much to love on IU’s personal account because this star shares lots of behind the scenes clips and photos, including dance practice videos…

…and acoustic singing clips.


16. Sulli

Sulli‘s Instagram account is perhaps one of the most talked-about ones in K-Pop, having been criticized multiple times over the years for controversial content, but Sulli’s content is nothing if not genuine.

Sulli doesn’t shy away from posting whatever she wants to post, including this series of beautiful bra-less selfies that show her out in the sun, living her best life.


17. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

With over 12 million followers, Taeyeon is the most-followed Girls’ Generation member, and is also one of the top 10 most-followed idols in K-Pop.

Taeyeon frequently posts selfies, photo shoots, and adorable photos of herself with puppies.


18. Hyuna

Ever since Hyuna left CUBE Entertainment with her boyfriend E’Dawn (formerly of PENTAGON), she has been showering fans with lovey-dovey photos and videos from her dates.

She recently uploaded this sexy, and comical, couple dance that has been gaining lots of positive attention from her supporters.