18 Visually Stunning Moments In K-Pop MVs That Are Pure Masterpieces

Pure artwork!

There is no doubt that K-Pop music videos should be considered works of art. The special effects, stunning visuals, and powerful dance moves all contribute to their stunning quality. But every once and a while a video has one particular scene that really stands out to fans because it takes things to the next level. In no particular order, here are some of the most beloved shots in K-Pop MVs that are so pleasing to the eye they might as well be called masterpieces!


1. Lisa’s colorful toss in BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU”

Probably one of the greatest shots in the whole music video which is hard to say because “DDU-DU DDU-DU” is full of great shots! There’s just something about Lisa‘s quick toss of colors that is beyond beautiful. No wonder Seungri added it into his “Where R U From” video!


2. The moment Jin approaches the statue in BTS’s “Blood Sweat & Tears”

“Blood Sweat & Tears” has a lot of visually pleasing shots but a fan favorite that we can’t help but agree with is this scene where Jin approaches the statue. Not only is it filmed beautifully, but the entire time it looks like Jin has wings too!


3. Baekho’s sword drag in NU’EST W’s “Dejavu”

Maybe it’s the way the light glints off the sword or Baekho‘s handsomeness but it seems like everyone is in agreement that this scene is incredibly mesmerizing.


4. Yoohyeon’s bed flip in Dreamcatcher’s “What”

This earth-flipping transition is one of the most unique transitions around and we have to say that it’s also one of the coolest!


5. The balcony scene in iKON’s “Love Scenario”

Not only is the rotating shot of doors opening and closing along the balcony interesting to watch, but it also shows you even more of the story going on! It’s a flawlessly executed shot in an amazing music video.


6. The fireworks display in SEVENTEEN’s “Oh My!”

Hoshi raises his fingers and shoots toward the sky. And with a little bit of music video magic, fireworks go off! The results are absolutely stunning!


7. The whole vibe in IU’s “Last Night”

IU went retro in “Last Night” and we just can’t forget about it! Plus every scene with these two backup dancers is just too cute!


8. The incredible aesthetics in VIXX’s “Shangri-La”

There are so many gorgeous shots in “Shangri-La” that it seems impossible to pick just one! But we do have to say the opening shots to the video are so beautiful that you know the rest of the MV is going to be amazing!


9. The star power in SHINee’s “Get The Treasure”

Okay so technically this was one of the group’s Japanese releases but it’s way too eye-catching to exclude from the list! Seriously, it’s so gorgeous!


10. The pleasing water scene in DAY6’s “Stop The Rain”

We know this one is a Japanese release too but the simple silhouette of Wonpil against a setting sun is beyond gorgeous and hard to beat. Add in some up close shots of the other member’s instruments and you’ve got some major aesthetics.


11. This up-close view of Taeyeon in “I Got Love”

Taeyeon is an absolute goddess and one of the best MVs to watch to see just how stunning she is, is her “I Got Love” video. There, viewers are blessed with shots like this that are pure works of art!


12. The playful pinball game in THE BOYZ’s “Giddy Up”

Fun and youthful concepts are always great and one of the best-executed concepts was this one with THE BOYZ. Fans just can’t get over how cool this particular shot turned out!


13. Yeri’s show-stopping scene in Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy”

Filled with sexy and intense scenes, “Bad Boy” definitely has a more mature vibe. But to keep things playful, there was also this scene with Yeri that definitely stole a whole bunch of hearts!


14. Mina’s cherry blossom spot in TWICE’s “Cheer Up”

“Cheer Up” features a ton of interesting and fun scenes but one scene that has always stood out was this scene with Mina surrounded by cherry blossoms.


15. The waterfall in BTS’s “Fake Love”

The water pouring out from behind Jimin in perfect symmetry is incredibly beautiful. Paired with the scene where Suga is watching the world burn, it’s a great combination of fire and water! Both are scenes we won’t be forgetting any time soon!


16. Hani’s quick expression in EXID’s “DDD”

There’s just something about watching Hani‘s face go from smiling to serious that we can’t get out of our heads!


17. Baekhyun’s watery descent in EXO’s “Power”

Baekhyun is always bringing some major visuals but one moment that is absolutely unforgettable is at the end of “Power”. As Baekhyun falls to earth and sinks into the water, we can’t help but be bowled over by his visuals!


18. Moonbyul’s moon pose in MAMAMOO’s “Egotistic”

Moonbyul in the moon, who could ask for anything more pleasing to the eye?