18 Ways To Enjoy K-Pop At Your 4th Of July Party

Here’s how you can incorporate some K-Pop love into your celebration of America’s Independence

While the 4th of July is all about celebrating America’s independence, it doesn’t have to exclude your favorite K-Pop idols! Check out some easy DIY ideas that can help you incorporate some K-Pop love into your 4th of July celebrations.


1. Crank The Music

For an awesome craft project that gets the party jumping, make your own K-Pop lamp with your logos of choice! Or check out this slightly easier tutorial that uses a ready-made lamp.


2. Spruce Up The Decor

Decorate the walls with easy-to-make photo cards that can light up the night.


3. Get Party-Cute In Two Minutes

Inspired by K-Pop idols and their adorable bear hats, this fashion tutorial shows you how to add some subtle K-Pop to your party wardrobe.


4. K-Pop Party Banner

Welcome guests with a stylish K-Pop banner that can double as room decor.


5. Shake It Out

For a chill get-together with K-Pop hints, check out this DIY snow globe that celebrates being young forever.


6. K-Pop Pepero

For some tasty treats, buy plain Pocky and add your favorite group’s colors, shapes or images by melting down white or dark chocolate or adding colored icing. Get creative and make it personal!


7. Pop The Party

BTS party poppers, what an idea, right?! Of course, modify to your bias.


8. Bring The Fire

This BLACKPINK jar can bring instant color to the room, provide some ambiance and celebrate all things girly!


9. Light Up The Night

Hang these DIY lightsticks from the ceiling like balloons and you have one unique 4th July party. Make them here.


10. Balloon Pass The Parcel

If you want to incorporate some games to your party, it’s as easy as a balloon and a stick. Use your fandom’s colors and put the glow stick inside the balloon before blowing it up. Not only can they light up the dark with neon colors, but you can play a game where the balloon gets passed around and each person has to say a fact about your group. Or just use them as cool bias-inspired decoration!


11. Chibi idols

Decorate with cute chibi idols, like these Red Velvet dolls!


12. Cake Your Bias

These easy to make cake toppers can spruce up any party or event – you just need pictures, glue and skewers or popsicle sticks.


13. Refresh Your Bookcase

This awesome idea isn’t just to wow friends for your 4th of July party, but can make an impression on any day! Check out how to fold your books into K-Pop logos.


14. Make Your Idols Pop

Standing dolls – easy to make, easy to make an impression…


15. Quizzes For All


Using sites like Sporcle.com gives you thousands of online K-Pop quizzes, ranging from specific groups to general K-Pop knowledge. Some even come with timers to make the games more challenging.


16. Go Sweet

Decorate your cupcakes with simple lettering and logo design, or simply use your fandom coloring!


17. Simply Cute

Your decorations don’t need to be fancy or expensive – paste pictures of your idols onto plastic cups and hold their adorable faces in your hand all night long.


18. Savvy Space-Saving Decor

Check out this smart space-saving hack that allows you to celebrate your love of K-Pop without using much space. Make a few and use them in place of balloons, streamers or wall hangings.