19 K-Pop Idols You Will Never Look At The Same Way Again After Learning About Their Past

That can’t be true, right?

Every K-Pop fan knows at least one interesting fact about their favorite artists. From their favorite foods to the story behind their nickname, but some facts have a tendency to get buried in the waves of information available. While these facts are random and absolutely crazy, they are 100% true, even if it’s hard to believe!

1. Suzy auditioned for 2009 Mnet‘s SuperStar K but was eliminated during the preliminary rounds.

It’s crazy to think that Suzy could ever have been turned away but she was. Luckily, a JYP Entertainment representative scouted her and the rest is history!

2. f(x)’s Victoria and Amber learned Korean through Pororo The Little Penguin.

That’s right! During an episode of Amazing f(x) the girls revealed their past struggles when it came to learning Korean and surprised everyone when they admitted that the popular children’s cartoon helped them get past the language barrier.

3. BOYFRIEND’s Youngmin once had a boy ask him to be his girlfriend during school.

At the time, Youngmin was wearing a wig and playing the part of Cinderella in a school play. Being too embarrassed by the situation, he played along and told the boy that he already had a boyfriend!

4. 2PM’s Taecyeon once proposed to a girl with his mother’s wedding ring.

During his elementary school days, Taecyeon proposed to his first love with two rings. One silver and one gold. But it just so happened that the gold one was his mother’s wedding ring!

5. Girl’s Day’s Yura has her legs insured for almost $500,000!

While it may seem crazy, Yura really does have an insurance policy out on her legs!

6. 2PM’s Junho once broke 20 pairs of chopsticks with his butt.

And here is the gif to prove it!

7. After School’s Nana is a licensed beautician and makeup artist.

Nana is fully licensed and has a membership at the Makeup Artist Association, so she is fully qualified to give fans makeovers!

8. Rain failed his auditions at JYP Entertainment 18 times!

Rain actually auditioned at JYP Entertainment 19 times. J.Y. Park himself once revealed that Rain had failed 18 previous auditions before finally becoming a trainee with the company. Thank goodness he never gave up!

9. Girls’ Generation’s Sunny has the exact same birthday as her two older sisters.

If you have siblings, can you imagine sharing a birthday with them? Well for Sunny, that thought is reality because she and her two older sisters were all born on May 15!

10. Former SISTAR member Bora debuted on TV and lost her father on the same day.

Perhaps one of the saddest things on this list is the fact that the same day Bora made her debut, her father also passed away from an illness.

11. MBLAQ’s Mir once confessed that he never had to audition to join MBLAQ.

Turns out J.Tune Camp‘s CEO is his brother-in-law so he never had to try out for the group. Luckily, he’s very talented so it all worked out!

12. 2PM’s Nichkhun was originally supposed to star alongside Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain on We Got Married.

Nichkhun was the original person that was slotted to act as Gain‘s husband on the show but at the last minute, he was replaced by 2AM‘s Jo Kwon. But as we all know, he got another chance to be on the show during the third season alongside f(x)‘s Victoria.

13. Former Secret member Hana has two amazing parents.

Turns out Hana‘s mother passed the TBS Talent Exam and released a single in South Korea while her father is a martial artist and was a presidential bodyguard!

14. BTS Jungkook’s stage name was originally going to be Seagull.

Meanwhile, Jimin might have debuted with the stage name Baby G. As for V, he could have been known as Cis or Rex!

15. Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain was handpicked by the other members after being eliminated from Battle Shinhwa.

As terrible as it was that Gain was eliminated from the show, it might have been a blessing in disguise. According to the Gain, after being eliminated she went to the bathroom and was crying. While there, she was found by composer Ahn Jung Hoon and was placed in Brown Eyed Girls.

16. A saesang once asked SHINee’s Taemin for water and he actually went to go get some for them!

Rumor has it that Taemin was once asked to get water by a saesang fan as a joke but Taemin actually headed back to the dorms to get her a bottle! While nobody knows if this is true or not, we all know that Taemin is a sweetheart so it very well could be!

17.  g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung is the oldest idol member to debut.

Since most idols debut somewhere in their mid-teens to early twenties, it might come as surprise to know that when g.o.d. debuted Park Joon Hyung was already 30 years old!

18. Former Wonder Girls’ Yubin debuted 3 days after being sent to JYP Entertainment.

Yubin was supposed to debut as a part of Five Girls under Good Entertainment but because of the company’s financial issues, the group fell through. But as it turns out, Yubin would be sent over to JYP Entertainment to take over Hyuna‘s role in the Wonder Girls. In just 3 days time, she made her debut!

19. HIGHLIGHT’s Yoseob used to be a backup dancer for Gikwang when he was still a solo artist named AJ.

Actually, Yoseob, Doojoon, and Junhyung were all backup dancers for him at the time!