19 Time-Travel Dramas You Really Should Be Watching

Time-travel dramas are the best.

1. Signal

A detective from 2000 and a cold case criminal profiler from 2015 solve old cases, as well as prevent new ones, by communicating through a mysterious walkie-talkie.

2. Nine

A man finds 9 magical incense sticks that allow him to travel 20 years back in time. He attempts to change the current world by saving his family from dangers 20 years ago, but the consequences are bigger than he can handle.

3. Tunnel

A detective accidentally travels to the future while chasing a serial killer through a mysterious tunnel. He discovers that the serial killer was never caught and continues to kill. With the help of the detectives in the future, he sets out to catch him once and for all.

4. Moon Lovers

An ordinary 21st-century woman gets transported back in time to year 941. She encounters royal princes of the Goryeo Dynasty and falls in love with the 8th prince.

5. Tomorrow, With You

A time traveling man foresees into the future to find himself living a miserable life. In order to change his fate, he marries a woman who ultimately teaches him how to love.

6. Saimdang, Light’s Diary

A Korean art history lecturer finds the mysterious diary of a historical figure named Saimdang. Through the diary, he tries to discover the truth behind her history.

7. Confession Couple

A divorced couple in their late-30s gets sent back in time to their college days. They try to change their life around by meeting new people, but destiny has its own plans.

8. Hit The Top

A famous idol travels to the future and meets his son, who is training to be an idol.

9. Live Up To Your Name

An oriental doctor from the past travels to the future and meets a doctor who firmly believes in modern medicine.

10. Splash Splash Love

A high school girl who has the ability to transport anywhere on a rainy day travels back to the Joseon dynasty, where she meets the young king.

11. Queen In Hyun’s Man

A noble-born scholar, who is the last remaining member of his family after a massacre, travels to the future and falls in love with an actress who stars in the drama about the massacre.

12. Rooftop Prince

A prince from the Joseon dynasty is sent to the future after he loses his lover. In the 21st century Seoul, he finds the reincarnation of his lost love who tries to help him back home.

13. Dr. Jin

A successful doctor travels back in time to the Joseon dynasty and meets a girl who looks exactly like his lover.

14. Somehow 18

A man travels back in time to try to save his first love who died when she was 18.

15. God’s Gift: 14 Days

A child gets kidnapped and is found dead. The mother of the child child travels back in time to save her child and catch the kidnapper.

16. Run Toward Tomorrow

A troublemaking high school student accidentally travels to the future, where he learns that his father was severely injured while looking for him. He tries to go back in time to change the future.

17. Manhole

A man travels between present and past in order to stop his ideal girlfriend from getting married.

18. Marry Him, If You Dare

A woman who regrets the choices she made in life travels back to her 32-year-old self, and tries to guide her away from making the same mistakes. One of the main mistakes being that she married the wrong person!

19. Bing Goo

A man from 1979 travels to the year 2016 and falls in love with a girl from the future.