19 Times BTS V Was More Like An Anime Character Than Real Life Human

10+ times V looked was anime than real life:

1. When he wore this Durarara!! dark anime aesthetic.


2. When he looked like a twin from Ouran High School Host Club.


3. When he looked like a king who rules over the land of elves and other magical creatures.


4. When V wears contacts he seems to come out of a sci-fi like Tokyo Ghoul.


5. Speaking of Tokyo Ghoul…


6. Other times, V’s anime charms are something more “shojo” like.


7. But that can be flipped on a dime when his more tsundere aesthetics come out.


8. When his expression is totally anime-like.


9. Especially when he rocks this blond look, like what anime is he from really?


11. Not to forget when he rocked that orange from “Boy In Luv” (and those earrings!)


12. This list wouldn’t be possible without including this legendary night.


13. Or the time his hair went brilliant red (short lived and forever missed).


14. When he did this straight bang style and classic box-smile.


15. While recently he’s been looking more and more like a vampire… or a prince… vampire prince…


16. This entire image says he could join the ladies of K-On!


17. Honestly, he’s always anime-worthy.


18. Especially when he was this blonde. 


BONUS: Some looks are the perfect slice of life.