10+ Times Sunmi Took Our Breath Away With These Fierce Red Carpet Looks

Which look is your favorite?

Sunmi is not only one of the biggest idols, but also one of the biggest fashion icons in the K-Pop world! Whether she’s going about her everyday life or attending the most glamorous events, Sunmi is always serving us the best looks!

Here are 10+ times Sunmi took our breath away with these red carpet looks

1. This one got people talking!

This sultry and revealing dress definitely made people’s heads turn! She was absolutely stunning!

2. She has the coolest outfits!

While she rocks a sophisticated look, Sunmi can also slay in something playful and cute like this look!

3. She exudes confidence!

Sunmi is absolutely fabulous every time she struts down the runway!

4. I love this look!

Sunmi proved a fancy red carpet doesn’t always have to be dresses or ball gowns, you can wear shorts and still look fancy!


5. She has the best style

Sunmi isn’t afraid to try cool patterns or colors and this green dress with an animal print bottom is gorgeous!

6. Love Sunmi in red!

The color red is just as fierce as Sunmi!

7. She dresses like a winner!

Not only is she a winner in the music industry, but also in fashion!

8. She brightens up everyone’s day!

Her warm smile and colorful dress immediately put a smile on everyone’s face.

9. Romantic

This romantic pink dress brought out Sunmi’s softer side but her bright red lip also highlights her boldness.

10. We love a blonde Sunmi!

Sunmi looked flirty and girly in this floral dress and blonde hair.

11. She looks great in mini dresses

You can feel the power she exudes! She definitely radiates CEO energy in this dress.

12. There’s nothing better than a nice long blazer dress

Sunmi’s dress matched with those cute white boots make an amazing look.

13. She looks like a doll

Loving this puffy dress! From her bright red lip to her curly hair, Sunmi is giving off old Hollywood glamour vibes.

14. Sunmi’s is out here stealing hearts

Sunmi in red makes our hearts skip a beat! She’s so beautiful in anything she wears.