20 Amazing Recently Made K-Pop Mash-Up Medleys

If you liked these songs individually, you might like them even more mashed up!

Sometimes when you listen to your favorite K-Pop artists, you might realize that some songs you enjoy have a similar sound that would sound great together. Fortunately, there are talented fans that can make this become a reality! There are loads of these K-Pop medleys that people have made, and here are 20 of the most recent ones from popular songs in 2020.

1. This epic TWICE medley of “Fancy” and “MORE&MORE”

2. This hard-hitting mix of SEVENTEEN’s “HIT” and MONSTA X’s “Fantasia”

3. This awesome TXT and BTS blend of “Can’t You See Me?”, “Save Me”, and “Dream Glow”

4. This pretty, youthful mix of TWICE’s “MORE&MORE” and TXT’s “Crown”

5. This hyped up mix of BTS’s “ON”, NCT 127’s “Punch”, and MONSTA X’s “Fighter”

6. This very “more” blend of VAV’s “Give Me More” and TWICE’s “MORE&MORE”

7. This girl power mix of CLC’s “No”, ITZY’s “WANNABE”, and ANS’s “Say My Name”

8. This unexpectedly brilliant mix of IU and Suga’s “eight” with DAY6’s “Zombie”

9. This killer rookie group mix of ITZY’s “WANNABE” and and TXT’s “Run Away”

10. This major TWICE mix of “MORE&MORE”, “Dance the Night Away”, “Signal”, and “Love Foolish”

11. This epic, powerful mix of ITZY’s “WANNABE” and “DALLA DALLA”, BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last” and “BOOMBAYAH”, and LOONA’s “So What”

12. This gorgeous blend of EVERGLOW’s “DUN DUN”, ATEEZ’s “Answer”, KARD’s “Bomb Bomb”, and several others

13. This somewhat eerie mix of (G)I-DLE’s “Oh My God”, ATEEZ’s “Precious”, Dreamcatcher’s “Scream”, and Jimin’s “Lie”

14. This awesome ITZY megamix of “DALLA DALLA”, “ICY”, and “WANNABE”

15. And this amazing NCT 127 megamix of “Simon Says”, “Kick It”, “Cherry Bomb”, and “Limitless”

16. This epic, theatrical blend of (G)I-DLE’s “Lion” and BTS’s “ON”

17. This BTS hype mix of “ON”, “Idol”, and “Not Today”

18. This popular boy group blend of BTS’s “Black Swan”, NCT 127’s “Kick It”, and EXO’s “MAMA”

19. This powerful blend of BTS’s “ON”, EVERGLOW’s “DUN DUN”, AleXa’s “Do or Die”, and 3YE’s “Queen”

20. And finally, megamix of all the best songs in 2019