20+ Animals Who Are Trying To Impersonate K-Pop Idols

Can you spot the difference?

1. This soulful singer that could be Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s double



2. Someone who’s a little jealous of TWICE Nayeon’s bunny style



3. This cute critter that’s trying to be like TWICE’s Sana



4. The green friend who’s trying hard to be BTOB’s Sungjae



5. The fierce furball that’s channeling their inner Heize



6. This cutie that’s taking lessons from EXO’s Kai



7. This smiley little guy who wants to be like GOT7’s Youngjae



8. This dapper gentleman who took fashion advice from EXO’s Chanyeol



9. This animal friend who decided to copy Girl’s Day Minah



10. The big-eyed fluffy friend that wants to be like NCT’s Doyoung



11. These two fuzzy friends taking lessons from TWICE’s Sana and Momo



12. These furry cuties that take after EXO’s Baekhyun and D.O



13. Furry friends who are totally copying GOT7’s Jackson and Jinyoung



14. This little dude who’s trying to channel BTS V’s cool side



15. The poor sleepy baby who takes after EXO’s Xiumin



16. This fluffy creature who wants to eat as deliciously as Red Velvet’s Irene



17. This sea creature who wants to be just like BTS’s RM



18. This breezy beauty who wants to look as good as KARD’s Somin



19. This grinning furbaby that smiles like BLACKPINK’s Jennie



20. This sweetly smiling fur baby trying to be like INFINITE’s L



21. This creature that needs to take lessons from TWICE’s Dahyun



22. This little guy who’s as curious as EXO’s Baekhyun



23. This cutie who wants to look just like IU