20 Animated K-Pop MVs You’ll Regret Not Watching

Each video is as unique as its artists.

These 20 K-Pop music videos all take a break from the familiar to experiment with mind-blowing, artistic animation that is as memorable as it is beautiful.


1. BTS’s RM – “forever rain”

RM‘s new animated music video for “forever rain” is all ARMYs have been talking about lately, and for good reason. This melancholic black and white MV expresses the song’s introspective lyrics in a unique and memorable way.


2. Girls’ Generation – “0805”

Girls’ Generation released this animated music video in celebration of the group’s 9th anniversary. Its beautiful, panning animation follows a message in a bottle as it floats across fantastical landscapes to Girls’ Generation.


3. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon – “Butterfly”

If you’re looking for a music video that feels like a full-length animated film, try “Butterfly”. This whimsical MV takes place in a highly detailed fantasy world. Its animation calls to mind stop-motion animation and pop-up storybooks.


4. NCT U – “Yestoday”

This music video isn’t fully animated, but it does a fantastic job of combining 2D animation with real footage to create a psychedelic effect.


5. BTS – Skool Luv Affair comeback trailer

Newer BTS fans might not realize that RM’s “forever rain” MV isn’t the first animated BTS production. BTS started dabbling in animation very early in their career. This comeback trailer for their 2014 EP Skool Luv Affair is one of their earliest examples.


6. BTS – “Intro: What Am I To You?” comeback trailer

In 2014, BTS also dropped this scenic masterpiece. This comeback trailer starts out in a lush jungle paradise, but it gradually becomes darker and bleaker as the mood of the song changes.


7. 2NE1 – “Hate You”

2NE1 surprised fans in the best way when they dropped this animated MV in 2011. This legendary video could easily be reimagined as an action-packed film or an animated TV show.


8. BTS – The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1 comeback trailer

The year after BTS released their Skool Luv Affair comeback trailer, they one-upped themselves with this one. This gorgeous teaser features stylized versions of the BTS members and takes place in various locations that appear in their other music videos.


9. BTS – The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 2 comeback trailer

This video for BTS’s song “Nevermind” could be considered their most experimental animated teaser to date. It combines shapeshifting 3D and 2D graphics to create a beautifully chaotic animation.


10. SHINee’s Onew and Lee Jin Ah – “Starry Night”

Onew and Lee Jin Ah released this mesmerizing music video for their collab, “Starry Night”, in 2016. The stark, yet pleasing, contrast between the video’s black background and colourful characters is sure to make an impression.


11. BoA and Beenzino – “No Matter What”

This uplifting video features colourful, picture book style animation, and a quirky love story.


12. f(x)’s Luna – “Free Somebody”

SM Entertainment definitely loves their animated classics! Luna‘s “Free Somebody” music video is, in a word, freeing. It combines real footage with retro graphics and anime-esque characters to create this work of art.


13. Block B’s Zico (feat. PENOMECO, The Quiett) – “Yes Or No”

While most of the videos on this list are digitally animated, this one experiments with claymation. Like Zico, it’s wild and a little weird, but fans are sure to love it.


14. Royal Pirate’s Moon Kim – “Dark Chocolate”

This adorable animation is sweeter than chocolate and will give you the same feeling of comfort. This MV has a dreamy, coffee shop vibe to complement the song.


15. Lee Hi – “Hold My Hand”

It’s easy to fall in love with this music video’s cute, 8-bit graphics. Watching it feels like falling right into a dream-like video game.


16. PSY – “Father (with Lang Lang)”

PSY may be known for his wacky songs, but this music video is completely different. It tells the heart-warming (and, at times, heartbreaking) story of a father and his son.


17. Eric Nam (feat. 15&’s Park Jimin) – “Dream”

This unique MV follows the shadow of the narrator’s hand as it draws scenes from a touching love story.


18. Red Velvet  – “Russian Roulette”

Like several other MVs on this list, “Russian Roulette” combines film with 2D animation. It also features a mischevious cat and mouse duo that resemble Tom and Jerry. 


19. Super Junior – “Super Duper”

“Super Duper” is just as bright, funky, and super as the group responsible for it. This trippy video will take you on an adventure within the comfort of your own home.


20. BTS – Debut trailer

Some fans may have completely forgotten, or never seen, BTS’s debut trailer. This computer-animated trailer used text to create images such as a school and a burning city.