20+ Best Fan Reactions To BLACKPINK’s “Ice Cream” Featuring Selena Gomez

#12 is too funny 😂

BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez released the music video for “Ice Cream” earlier today, and BLINKs already can’t get enough! If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that BLINKs love the song and its music video.

From appreciating the girls’ visuals to making jokes about the song, check out some of the best fan reactions to “Ice Cream” below!

1. When the Mona Lisa herself reacted to the video

2. When Jisoo looked bomb

3. When they had the best song transition

4. When Lisa showed up with green hair

5. When Jennie gave off Ariana Grande vibes

6. When Jisoo proved she always leaves an impact

7. When this BLINK expressed her love for the song

8. When Lisa served fans looks

9. When Rosé was too beautiful for words

10. When we all got jealous of an animal

11. When Jisoo owned her lines

12. When the song got Michael Jackson’s approval

13. When Rosé’s angelic voice helped improve lives

14. When BLINKs couldn’t get enough of Jennie’s visuals

15. When eagle-eyed fans caught Jisoo biking

16. When Lisa proved her versatility in just one music video

17. When all the members looked stunning

18. When Jisoo and Jennie exchanged words

19. When the Mona Lisa danced to the song

20. When fans agreed this was one of the best parts

21. When Rosé impressed all listeners with her voice

22. When Jennie stunned everyone

BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez did the impossible—they managed to exceed the already high expectations of fans!

| @BLACKPINK/Youtube