Just 20 Hilarious BTS Memes That All ARMYs Can Relate To

Can you relate?

Fans of BTS are well aware of how many memes dedicated to them are roaming around on the internet. But how can they not? These group of seven boys are just too hilarious for there not to be any memes going around. Here’s a list of BTS memes that all ARMYs can relate to!

1. Fans reaction of knowing vs. not knowing all their songs

2. Not being shocked at all by Jungkook’s dance

3. ARMYs every time BTS posts something

4. When memes like this begin to seem normal

5. ARMYs on a daily basis

6. ARMYs meeting ARMYs

7. Actually understanding this meme

8. ARMYs ain’t playin’ when it comes concerts

9. More like ARMYs when we see BTS in real life

10. ARMYs every time BTS makes a comeback

11. Understanding why they are referencing Agust D

12. Wishing these memes were true so we can cuddle them

13. ARMYs on the daily

14. ARMYs wallets every time BTS drops new merch

15. ARMYs every time the see someone with BTS-related things

16. This yearbook meme

17. ARMYs after finding out that they’re pregnant

18. ARMYs reactions for every day of the week

19. ARMYs wanting to film an ‘Eat Jin’ episode

20. What friends of ARMYs have to go through

What other memes can you relate to?