20+ BTS Photos That Fry My Bacon — Let’s Meme It!

These funny could-be BTS memes will brighten your day.

One of the greatest gifts BTS has given to ARMY is the gift of memes. If you’re looking for some meme-spiration, check out these 20+ photos!

1. Waiting for your friend to stop being mad at you like:

2. *Spends two hours styling hair*

The wind: I’m about to end this man’s whole career

3. On the outside: THIS PARTY IS AWESOME

On the inside: When can I leave?

4. Yes, I am…

…that b*tch.

5. When you’re 200% done with school picture day, but you still want to get your money’s worth

6. Don’t touch me, I’m famous!

7. Those poses you strike in the mirror when you know you look hot as hell

8. When you and your squad get called to the principal’s office, and you know you deserve it, but you don’t know which rule they’ve caught you breaking

9. “A” to the “G” to the STFU

10. Awake, but at what cost?

11. When you have something to say, but nobody’s paying attention

12. Big Hit: No unauthorized photos.


13. Dancing…

…in tiny font.

14. Dapper AF

15. What K-Drama is this?

16. Did you see my…


17. OoOoOoOhhhhhh SNAP!

18. When you meet somebody who’s just as weird as you are

19. DAFAQ did she say?

20. #ARMYproblems