20 BTS Summer Activities You And Your Friends Can Do Together

Grab your best friend and crush this list!

After living vicariously through BTS‘s 2018 Saipan Summer Package and Jungkook‘s G.C.F in Saipan, you might consider ditching your computer to spend time in the sun. If so, here are 20 things you and your friends can do to make the most of this summer!


1. Create your own memory montage

Before you go off on your adventures, make sure to pack a camera. That way you can turn your memories into a highlight film, like Jungkook has in his G.C.F in Saipan video.


2. Dance at a waterpark

You and six of your closest (extroverted) friends could have a blast covering BTS’s greatest dances in the middle of your local waterpark. Just don’t be surprised if you get a few funny looks!


3. Search for sunken treasure

Put on your snorkels and go looking for lost treasures. Chances are, you’ll find a lot of shells and pebbles, but you might be lucky enough to stumble on someone’s pocket change!


4. Laze in the shade

Not a fan of tanning? Instead, try sprawling out under a tree and sharing BTS music with your friends.


5. Dunk your land-loving friends

WARNING: If you do decide to laze, keep one eye open, or you may find yourself being cast into the waves! Friends who like to relax like RM and Suga do often get dragged into the pool by their water-loving friends!


6. Push your friend into a pool

Dragging a friend into the water is all well and good, but nothing is quite as satisfying as sneaking up and shoving them in instead.

Just be prepared to get a taste of your own medicine in return!


7. Plan a group trip

Whether it’s a day trip to a local beach or an overseas vacation, a group getaway is something to definitely add to your bucket list!


8. Bury each other in the sand

This classic beach activity never gets old. certainly seemed to enjoy it!


9. Go wakeboarding

According to Jin, this water sport can be challenging, but it’s also a ton of fun!

Make sure to encourage your friends, and laugh at them when they fail…

…over and over again!


10. Play with an underwater camera

If you can, bring a waterproof camera with you to the pool that you and your friends can goof around with.


11. Swim around!


12. Have an ugly goggles contest

Let’s face it, goggles are functional but they make everyone look like Squidward.

Challenge your friends to see who can look the absolute worst in them, and then take lots of photos!


13. Have a photoshoot

After your ugly goggles contest, you can put on your hottest sunglasses and summer outfits to have a glamorous photoshoot!


14. Play beach volleyball

…but try not to wipe out like Jin does!


15. Visit the zoo

…and find out which of your friends hates “snakeu”.


16. Float around together


17. Write messages to each other in the sand


18. Check out the wildlife

Depending on where you and your friends choose to spend your summer, you may encounter some cool (or terrifying) creatures together.


19. Go boating

Whether it’s a speedboat, a ferry, or even a canoe, going sailing with your friends is sure to be a blast.

Just don’t forget to wear your life jackets!


20. Do absolutely nothing

Sometimes there’s really nothing more enjoyable to do with your friends than nothing at all.