20 BTS Ticket Sale Tweets That Are Painfully Relatable And Funny AF

These ARMYs survived BTS ticket sale days, but at what cost?

Ticket sale days for BTS concerts are extremely stressful, but these hilarious ARMY tweets will make you feel 200% better about your own experience!

1. Free floor seats

2. The aftermath

3. This unofficial ARMY soundtrack

4. Regretting your financial decisions like:

5. From happy to FML, real quick

6. European ARMY problems

7. Map of the Someone Please Pay My Bills Tour

8. This dad

9. Natural selection

10. Not asking for much

11. Wedding invite

12. Mind ya business!

13. No money? Okay.

14. In absentia

15. Read the fine print

16. Born broke

17. Worst timing ever

18. Adult money

19. Savage mom

20. Summon circle