20+ Of The Cheesiest, Cringiest, And Most Iconic Lines In K-Pop Songs That Will Make You Giggle

Did you know about these lyrics?

Pretty much every musical artist will suffer from cheesy or cringy songs at some point in their career, and that’s alright. As long as it’s not offensive or hurtful, it usually ends up being pretty funny, and can even become iconic if fans like it enough. K-Pop is no exception, and in fact, the industry is rife with all kinds of funny and questionable lyrics that would take forever to collect into one list. So here are 20+ cheesy, cringy, and iconic lines in K-Pop.

1. SF9: “Enough” (English ver.)

“I’m wishing all the eyes of men go blind. So that only I can make you mine”

2. NCT 127: “Regular”

“I be walkin’ with the cheese, that’s that queso”

3. SuperM: “Jopping”

“Yeah we jumping and popping, we jopping”

4. Super Junior: “Sexy Free & Single”

“Sexy free and single, I’m ready to bingo”

5. EXO: “Love Me Right”

“Shawty Imma party ’til the sun down”

6. GOT7: “You Calling My Name”

“You’re a part of me, you and me, we are one. You are the reason for my life, if you’re not here, I’m not here”

7. Super Junior: “Mamacita”

“Just close your lips, shut your tongue”

8. BTS: “Miss Right”

“Whether you have a hidden child I don’t care because I love you”


“B*tch, I’m a star, but not Patrick”

10. f(x): “Diamond”

“Got bling got that juiceGot that swagga like Jagger”

11. KARA: “Pretty Girl”

“If you wanna pretty, every wanna pretty”

12. Rocket Punch: “Bouncy”

Huh, I don’t need fake guy but awesome boy don’t stop. So can you take my heart like a bouncy bomb bouncy bomb”

13. LOONA: “Hi High”

“Love is more cruel than college entrance exams”

14. EXO: “Wolf”

“I’ll take you in one mouthful like cheese.”

15. BTS: “War of Hormone”

“Yes I’m a bad boy, so I like bad girl”

16. Girls’ Generation: “You-Aholic”

“You’re the gin inside my tonic”

17. A.C.E: “Under Cover”

“Ay so hot she banging like a bongo”

18. LOONA: “love4eva”

“Even my kidney is pounding, I think I’m sick”

19. SONAMOO: “Cushion”

“Feel so tight, day and night”

20. BTS: “Where Did You Come From?”

“You look fresh like a salad, so smooth”

21. MONSTA X: “Tropical Night”

“Yeah, I’m freakin’ busy, who can tell me lazy? Sorry baby, move the way I’m ballin’. I’m tropical body, so rolling, rolling, rolling”

22. TVXQ!: “Purple Line”

“I really wanna touch myself”

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