20 Of The Cutest And Coolest Custom-Made Red Velvet Goods You Can Buy From Talented Artists

ReVeluvs, you’re going to love these creations!

There are so many talented K-Pop fans that make all kinds of creative K-Pop related goods, anything from stickers to enamel pins and keychains, even t-shirts! There are many Red Velvet-themed creations on Etsy, which are the perfect gift for yourself or any other ReVeluv in your life. Check out these 20 amazing designs!

1. These adorable member stickers by MissElysium

2. These gorgeous portraits drawn by leikya

3. This cute sticker by HouseofKpop

4. These pretty shiny member name stickers by HelloLovvely

5. This pretty “Bad Boy” key chain by KMosCharmShop

6. This gorgeous t-shirt made by martstore2000

7. These cute standing figures made by OPPANGOFFICIAL

8. These stunning stickers designed by Peebakoo

9. This unique light stick shaker mold made by SilviaCreazioniFimo

10. This adorable Seulgi enamel pin by MikuMart

11. These pretty member drawings made by eggpressoshot

12. This incredible painting of Wendy made by KikiJenkinsArt

13. This unique light stick greeting card made by NyelloDesigns

14. These adorable fruit-wearing member stickers designed by daebakstickers

15. These simple but aesthetic t-shirts made by TotallyIdol

16. These adorable “Bad Boy” sticker designs made by haiyun

17. This pretty Red Velvet logo laptop decal by ipurpleu

18. These creative “Don’t Starve” Red Velvet sticker creations by Peebakoo

19. This pretty cropped hoodie made by RevlApparel

20. And finally, these conversation heart stickers created by aestheticalexa

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