20 Of The Cutest And Coolest Custom-Made SEVENTEEN Goods You Can Buy From Talented Artists

Carats, you better get your wallets out!

Thanks to sites like Etsy and talented K-Pop fan artists, you don’t always have to spend loads of money on official merch to support your favorite artists! These unofficial goods were made by talented creators and are a great way to show support for both SEVENTEEN and the artists that made them. Here are 20 of the cutest fan-made SEVENTEEN goods you can buy!

1. This gorgeous “Fallin’ Flower”-inspired sticker made by UrsasGoods

2. This iconic Vernon pin made by ManduApparel

3. This lovely card with a quote from The8 made by QuotesLandia

4. This sweet SEVENTEEN enamel pin created by pandailee

5. These amazing SEVENTEEN Pokemon cards made by CookamongaKpop

6. These gorgeous SEVENTEEN-colored key chains by MoodyResinStateCo

7. This “Fallin’ Flower” designed hat by PrettyUClub

8. This adorable “Snap Shoot” enamel pin made by intropins

9. And this hilarious Seungkwan meme enamel pin created by FandomFactoryPins

10. This clever “Change Up”-inspired shirt by LionheartArtsCo

11. This adorable Bongbongie enamel pin made by mycreativesol

12. This simple but pretty SEVENTEEN shirt designed by Lemonboii

13. These adorable button pins made by TeruTebo

14. These cute member charms made by MochironStore

15. This simple but cute “Oh My!” hoodie designed by KPOPWALL

16. This gorgeous SEVENTEEN logo laptop sticker made by ipurpleu

17. This “You Make My Dawn” shirt designed by madsunmerch

18. This cute “Aju Nice”-inspired enamel pin made by pinguinsco

19. These adorable member stickers created by supercakeco

20. And finally, this stunning “Fallin’ Flower” art made by ColorMeKpop