20+ Most Embarrassing Photos Of K-Pop Idols They Wish You’d Forget

These photos may be some of the most embarrassing photos left behind!

1. Kim Soo Hyun’s Underwear Advertisement(?)

How Kim Soo Hyun ever ended up wearing a turtleneck zip up and red underwear/speedos next to other men in turtleneck zip ups and underwear/speedos we may never know, but what we do know is that this may be one of his most embarrassing photos!


2. The H.O.T. Power Rangers

This photo of H.O.T. from their golden days makes them look like a fighting team ready to take on an alien invasion!


3. Pomeranian Seungri

Seungri had quite the hairstyle back in the day! Although he still has the same handsome face, his hairstyle is reminiscent of a puppy pomeranian!


4. Mr. Moustache Onew

This photo shows that Onew was a real man since he was in middle school!



5. Miss G-Dragon

The time G-Dragon was really trying to fit into a schoolgirl skirt.


6. Hyunseung’s Revealing Outfit

Hyunseung has had a great sense of fashion since he was younger but this look, in particular, is quite revealing!


7. Gikwang Who Is Exhausted With Life

This past photo of Gikwang makes him look like a middle-aged office worker who is exhausted with life!


8. Park Jin Young’s Terminator Days

Park Jin Young went for this futuristic concept for his U.S. album.


9. V’s Selfie

The time when V was uploading beautiful pictures of scenery and nature and then accidentally posted this selfie of himself (he immediately deleted it. though fans had already saved it). It was embarrassing for V, but a field day for fans!


10. Yoo Jae Suk’s Mini Comma Hairstyle

Yoo Jae Suk had been sporting a mini version of the comma hairstyle long before it became a trend!


11. SHINee Key’s Melon Party

This pre-debut photo of Key shows that he knows how to have fun even with just a piece of fruit!


12. Infinite L’s Afro

L’s good looks were covered by a lot of hair in the past!


13. Seungri’s Extraordinary Fashion Sense

It looks like the Seungri’s rosary was the statement piece for this look!


14. Baby B.I

iKON’s B.I knew how to be extremely polite, even as a little child.


15. Flower Boy N

VIXX’s N is looking super cute with a red flower on his ear.


16. Sexy Gikwang

Gikwang helplessly tried to hide a photo of his amazing body as it was projected onto the huge screen.


17. Donghae’s Aegyo

Super Junior’s Donghae made the cutest face not knowing what was coming behind him…


18. Siwon’s Stubble

The time Super Junior’s Siwon tried to grow out a beard.


19. Lee Jong Suk’s Sexy Photoshoot

Lee Jong Suk, who looked very young in this photo, had a less sculpted body when compared to the present!


20. King of Hip Hop Simon Dominic

Simon Dominic shows what true hip-hop style is.


21. Vampire Kim Woo Bin

When Kim Woo Bin used to be a vampire…