Here Are 20 Emotional Tweets From ARMYs Celebrating BTS’s RM’s Birthday

Happy birthday to BTS’s incredible leader!

Today in Korea, on September 12, is BTS leader RM‘s 26th birthday (by western terms)!

He was, incredibly, only 18 when the group debuted in June 2013, but even though he isn’t the oldest member of the group, his leadership and wisdom has helped BTS get through difficult times and helped lead the group towards the immense success that they’ve found today.

Here are 20 tweets from thankful, adoring ARMYs to celebrate the RM’s special day, with hashtags such as #NamjoonDay, #thank_you_남준이가_돼줘서, #LoveJoonMoreThanLove, and #OurAutumnFlowerJoon.

1. He really is a fantastic leader.

2. These pictures being shared are too precious!

3. He means so much to ARMYs.

4. It’s hard to express so many feelings in so few words.

5. He’s receiving so much well-deserved love today!

6. It’s amazing how much of an impact he’s made on people.

7. Even with how mature he is, he still has an adorable side too!

8. Where would we be without RM?

9. What a sweet haiku!

10. We’re all wishing the best for this special person.

11. This is adorable.

12. He’s a great role model for anyone.

13. RM for president, anyone?

14. A true legend.

15. #AtLeastThisPlanetHasNamjoon has to be one of the most relatable hashtags right now.

16. He doesn’t know his own strength!

17. This was so adorable!

18. How can you not fall in love?

19. The bond between RM and ARMYs is so beautiful.

20. Happy birthday RM!