20 EXO Hairstyles We’ll Never Forget… Ever

EXO has had some of the best and wackiest hairstyles in the K-Pop world!

EXO members have been known for their innovative, wild, and unusual hairstyles since their debut, and every change seems more amazing than the last! Every comeback has fans anticipating the boys’ new style. From Kai’s cornrows to Baekhyun‘s pink hair, here’s some of EXO’s (and EXO-CBX‘s) most unforgettable hairstyles!


1. Kai’s Famous cornrows


2. (Former Member) Tao’s aquamarine do


3. (Former Member) Luhan’s pink hair


4. Chanyeol’s crimped curls


5. Sehun’s rainbow locks


6. Kai’s “Overdose” hair


7. (Former Member) Luhan’s tumbling curls


8. Lay’s pretty twists


9. (Former Member) Luhan’s neon orange


10. (Former Member) Tao’s snow white hair


11. Lay’s manly ponytail


12. Suho’s girly bob


13. D.O.’s fiery undercut


14. Chanyeol’s long locks


15. Kai’s highlighted bangs


16. Xiumin’s turquoise undercut


17. (Former Member) Kris Wu’s long hair


18. Baekhyun’s pink hair


19. Lay’s shaved forehead


20. Xiumin’s purple bob


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