These Are 20 Of The Most Expensive Fan-Made K-Pop Goods You Can Buy

Your bank might cry if you decided to purchase any of these!

There are so many K-Pop fans that are also talented artists, and use their love for the music genre in order to create amazing pieces. While oftentimes the art is just shared online for people to admire, some have their work for sale for people to purchase! Etsy is a popular site to sell such work, and these are some of the most expensive K-Pop related items on site. Of course, they’re completely worth the price, given how much time and effort went into making them! All prices are in USD.

20. This gorgeous “Boy With Luv”-designed jacket made by ItsDragonChild for $175

19. These beautiful “Wings” inspired sneakers painted by ktwendam for $175

18. These pretty “Spring Day” inspired shoes made by ShatteredFragments for $181

17. This amazing BTS watercolor set made by Topazi for $199

16. These colorful BT21 slip-ons made by K13CustomDesigns for $200

15. These cute BT21 hand-painted shoes designed by SarangKimie for $200

14. This intricate cross-stitched G-Dragon portrait made by PpandahShop for $200

13. This colorful V portrait made by EXOLANSIS for $225

12. This detailed Suga portrait made by EXOLANSIS for $225

11. This fun Jin portrait made by EXOLANSIS for $225

10. This clever RM portrait made by EXOLANSIS for $225

9. These adorable Jungkook and V plushies made by KpopDoll for $231

8. This pretty painting of V by NicArtStudio for $390

7. This amazing stained glass creation of Suga by 3Musez for $475

6. This time-consuming cross-stitched V portrait made by HandicraftByKagame for $500

5. These adorable hand-painted BTS shoes made by NataliaDenimArt for $560

4. This stunning Jennie portrait made by CodyGeneArt for $600

3. This creative J-Hope painting by NicArtStudio for $909

2. This neat hand-painted G-Dragon jacket designed by OtherWorldKpop for $1600

1. And lastly, this stunning hand-drawn portrait of TWICE members by CodyGeneArt for $2500