These Are 20 Of The Most Expensive K-Pop Merch Items You Can Buy… If You’re Extremely Rich

These might be a little out of your price range.

K-Pop merchandise can be known for being a little on the expensive side, but when you’re looking at something rare or signed, the price of the object can go up tremendously. The following 20 items are some of the most expensive pieces of merch available for purchase, though you’d have to save up a ridiculous amount for even the cheaper items on this list! Whether or not they’re worth the price that people are asking is completely up to you.

20. TWICE High Touch Full Complete Tickets Set: $819

19. SHINee Jonghyun X-INSPIRATION Official Photo Album: $830

18. BTS Suga “I Need U” Photocard: $855

17. LOONA Yves Photocard: $888

16. TWICE Lights Trading Card Autographed by Jihyo: $973

15. TWICE Rare Flannel Blanket: $996

14. TWICE Momo Autographed Tumbler: $998

13. Minx Why Did You Come To My Home Signed Album: $1,000

12. BTS CECI Magazine 20th Anniversary Limited Bracelet: $1,075

11. SHINee Jonghyun 2016 X-INSPIRATION Solo Concert Limited Ring & Strap: $1,079

10. TWICE Momo Photo, Signed: $1,099

9. Taeyeon’s Custom Sneakers: $1,111

8. TWICE Nayeon Tower Record Lottery Winning Item, Autographed: $1,183

7. BTS Dark and Wild 1st Full Album, Signed by All Members: $1,200

6. Taeyeon I LP Vinyl Record: $1,600

5. IU Official Special Remake Album Limited LP Uaena Flower: $1,600

4. TWICE X LG Bluetooth Collaboration Speaker: $2,500

3. LOVELYZ Now, We 2nd Repackage Album CD, 120 Piece Booklet and Sticker: $4,299

2. TWICE [둡또카/Dupttoka] Limited Edition 168 Piece Photobook and Gift: $9,499

1. Lee Soo Man (Founder of SM Entertainment) New Age 2 Vinyl: $235,000