These Are The 20 Most Expensive Pieces Of ATEEZ Merch You Can Buy… If You’re Rich AF

Are these rare pieces worth the price, ATINYs?

ATEEZ is still a pretty young K-Pop group, but they’ve already built up a dedicated and loving fanbase since their debut a year and a half ago. Because of this, a lot of their rarer and signed pieces of merchandise can be sold at a really high price! Some people have been able to get their hands on such goods and are selling them online. Check out these 20 most expensive pieces of ATEEZ merch that you can buy, if you have the money to spend!

20. ATEEZ Treasure Ep. Extra: Shift The Map Official 9 Piece Photocard Set with CD: $220

19. ATEEZ Treasure Ep. Fin: All To Action A Ver. Official Photocard Set: $220

18. ATEEZ Official Limited Pen Light Concert Item: $248

17. ATEEZ San Signed Ball: $275

16. ATEEZ Jongho Signed Pirate King Halloween Event Goods: $285

15. ATEEZ Illusion Ver. Signed Photocard Set with Case: $298

14. ATEEZ Signed Wave Ver. Photocard Set: $298

13. ATEEZ Official Treasure Ep. Extra: Shift the Map CD Type Z + Photocard Set: $300

12. ATEEZ Official Cheering Goods Fellowship: Map the Treasure, Seoul: $309

11. ATEEZ Treasure Ep. 3 : One To All / WAVE Ver. Official Photocard Set (8 Piece Signed Japanese Ver.): $330

10. ATEEZ Treasure Ep. Map To Answer All Members Photo Card Set: $334

9. ATEEZ 1st ATINY Fanclub Kit with Postcard and Photobook: $343

8. ATEEZ Jongho Signed Photocard: $350

7. ATEEZ Wooyoung Trading Card with Silver Tape: $355

6. ATEEZ Hongjoong Trading Card: $391

5. ATEEZ Seonghwa Trading Card: $391

4. ATEEZ Treasure Ep. 3 : One To All, Illusion Ver. Official Photocard Set (Japan Signed 8 Piece Set): $424

3. ATEEZ Treasure EP. 1 All to Action Signed Album: $717

2. Super Rare ATEEZ Autographed (All Members) Treasure Ep. 3: One To All: $1,999

1. ATEEZ Treasure Ep. 1, 2, & 3 + Limited Mint Signed Photocards: $2,500