20 Of The Most Expensive Pieces Of BLACKPINK Merch You Can Buy… If You’re Rich AF

Are these worth the price?

BLACKPINK is, of course, one of the biggest and most popular K-Pop groups in the industry right now, and that means that their rarer merch can come at a high price. This might be worth it to a lot of fans, while others might be shocked at such a price! Whether a piece is just uncommon or has their autographs, these 20 expensive BLACKPINK merch items would break most people’s banks.

20. BLACKPINK “Kill This Love” Japan Ver. ( Pink ) Random Photocard Complete Set, 5 Pieces: $260

19. BLACKPINK “Kill This Love” Plush Doll Toys, 4 Piece Set: $295

18. Jennie Official SOLO Special Broadcast Limited Photocard: $300

17. BLACKPINK Autographed “As If It’s Your Last” Digital Single CD: $300

16. BLACKPINK Autographed “Summer Diary in Hawaii” Promo DVD: $300

15. BLACKPINK Autographed “2018 Tour in Your Area: Seoul” Concert DVD: $300

14. BLACKPINK Autographed Card Event Prize, 2018 Seoul Concert DVD: $300

13. BLACKPINK Limited Edition Photobook: $313

12. LISA Signed Photo with Stars, Framed: $350

11. BLACKPINK Autographed “Welcoming” Photobook, Used: $359

10. Sealed Lisa Limited Edition Photobook + KTown4U gift: $399

9. BLACKPINK Signed Used Photobook: $402

8. Lisa Photobook Birthday 0327 Limited Edition: $420

7. Square Up Photocard Complete Set, 16 Pieces: $450

6. BLACKPINK Autographed Lisa Photocard: $461

5. BLACKPINK Autographed 2020 Welcoming Collection Special Album: $500

4. BLACKPINK Suitcase Japan Edition: $556

3. BLACKPINK Lightstick Photocard Pink+Black Version, 10 Piece Complete Set: $600

2. BLACKPINK “In Your Area” Tour 2019, The Forum – Los Angeles Exclusive Poster: $600

1. BLACKPINK 2019-2020 World Tour “In Your Area” Lottery Carry Case: $700