Here Are The 20 Most Expensive Pieces Of ITZY Merch You Can Buy… If You’re Rich AF

For a rookie group, their merchandise can come at a shockingly high price!

Oftentimes as K-Pop groups get older and more famous and popular, their rarer and signed merch can be sold for really high prices. It’s not as common with younger or rookie groups, but ITZY is proving their success and how coveted their goods are already! Some people have gotten ahold of some of their less-common merch, such as limited photocards and signed albums, and are selling them for people to purchase. These 20 pieces are available to buy… If you have the money for them.

20. Ryujin Autographed Trading Card: $100

19. Yeji Official ICY Broadcast Photocard: $100

18. Lia Broadcasting Photocard: $150

17. Ryujin “DALLA DALLA” Open Broadcast Photocard: $160

16. Yuna K-Con Can Badge: $164

15. Yuna Clalen Trading Card: $169

14. Chaeryeong Sound Wave Voice Check Photocard: $171

13. Yuna Photocard: $176

12. Ryujin Sound Wave Voice Check Photocard: $183

11. IT’Z ME All Members Autographed Promo CD: $200

10. IT’S ICY All Members Autographed Album (ICY Ver.): $200

9. IT’S ICY All Members Autographed Album (IT’Z Ver.): $200

8. ITZY WANNABE A4 Mini Poster Set Gacha Event (Rare/Limited): $250

7. Yuna Photocard: $253

6. Chaeryeong Signed WANNABE CD: $353

5. Yeji Badge (Official Goods): $371

4. ITZY ICY Album Photocard Full Set (30pcs): $420

3. Yeji Sound Wave Voice Check Posters + Photocards: $509

2. ICY + WANNABE Album Photocard Full Sets (55pcs): $740

1. “WANNABE” Gotcha Event Photocard Set: $1,000