These Are The 20 Most Expensive Pieces Of NCT Merch You Can Buy… If You’re Rich AF

Do you have enough money to burn on these rare items?

NCT‘s members have become very popular in their years since debut, and because of this, any of their rare or signed merch can come at a very high cost! While some people choose to hold onto such coveted items, others are selling their rare merch, but they’re not cheap by any means. Here are 20 of the most expensive pieces of NCT merch that are available to purchase, though your bank might be crying if you go through with it!

20. SM ROOKIES Show Message Card 2015, Signed by Jaemin: $237

19. SM ROOKIES 2015 Christmas Card, Signed by Doyoung: $245

18. NCT 127 Lenticular Magnet Regular Irregular Challenge‬ Photocard (Taeyong): $250

17. NCT 127 Fan Meeting Winter NCTzen Official Photocard, Signed (Mark): $250

16. Mint NCT 127 Mark Supercomma Trading Cards: $266

15. NCT Season’s Greeting 2019 Preorder Bonus Rare Trading Card (Yuta): $268

14. SM ROOKIES Show Message Card 2015, Jaehyun Signed: $286

13. NCT 127 Neo Zone Signed Poster (Jaehyun): $292

12. NCT 127 Neo Zone Signed Poster (Mark): $292

11. NCT 127 Group Signed T-Shirt: $300

10. NCT DREAM Autographed Concert Ball Set: $300

9. NCT 127 Supercomma B New Version Special Photo Card (Taeyong): $280

8. NCT Trading Cards IVYclub (Jaehyun): $356

7. NCT Supercomma B Rare Trading Photocard (Mark): $347

6. NCT Dream’s Renjun Dorisho Wallet Trading Cards: $371

5. NCT Haechan Bracelet: $385

4. NCT 127 Signed Taeil Polaroid: $450

3. SM ROOKIES’ Mark Signed Show Message Card 2015: $475

2. NCT 127 Hand-Signed Special One Day Memorial Photo Book, 1st JAPAN Tour (No Card): $475


NCT127 1st Meeting Welcome to Our Playground NCTzen Photo Cards + Pouch: $5,221