These Are The 20 Most Expensive Pieces Of SEVENTEEN Merch You Can Buy… If You’re Rich AF

CARATs, prepare to empty your wallets.

SEVENTEEN has been in the K-Pop industry for some time now, and they’ve become one of the most popular boy groups in the genre. Because of this, some of their rarer or signed merchandise can be sold at a really high price! Some people have collected such items and have made them for sale, though you’ll likely only be able to afford them if you have a ton of spare cash. Here are the top 20 most expensive pieces of SEVENTEEN merch you can buy.

20. SEVENTEEN In CARAT Land Fanmeeting 2019 Photocard Complete 82 Piece Set: $389

19. SEVENTEEN Superstar Pledis Official Pin Badge (Jun): $390

18. SEVENTEEN 1st Photobook: SEVENTEEN’s 24 Hours: $400

17. SEVENTEEN Diamond Edge 2017 Japan Concert DVD: $404

16. SEVENTEEN Ideal Cut DVD with Hoshi and Joshua Photocards: $418

15. SEVENTEEN S.Coups Okinawa Fan Meeting, Limited CARAT Special Polaroid Photo: $420

14. SEVENTEEN Japan 2018 Arena Tour Blue-ray DVD: $429

13. SEVENTEEN DVD Ideal Cut Trading Cards with Hoshi and Joshua Photocards: $430

12. SEVENTEEN Hoshi SSP Ode to You Photocard: $442

11. SEVENTEEN Trading card Jeonghan set K-POP: $445

10. SEVENTEEN Say the Name Japan 2017 Concert DVD with Mingyu Photocard: $449

9. SEVENTEEN Haru Trading Card Complete Set: $454

8. SEVENTEEN DK Unpublished Trading Card SSP: $464

7. 2018 SEVENTEEN Concert Ideal Cut In Seoul Complete Photocard Collection: $465

6. SEVENTEEN S.Coups SSP Unpublished Trading Card: $550

5. SEVENTEEN Wonwoo Signed File Folder: $635

4. SEVENTEEN Joshua Streaming Trading Card: $783

3. SEVENTEEN Joshua SSP Photocard: $783

2. SEVENTEEN Superstar Pledis 2018 Ideal Cut Photocard Set: $1,350

1. SEVENTEEN The8 Fan Set: $1,684