20 Facts About Red Velvet’s Yeri, From Yeri Herself

Did you know any of these already?

If you’ve always wanted to know more about Red Velvet’s Yeri, you’re in luck!

Red Velvet’s Yeri | @yerimiese/Instagram

Yeri recently answered 20 questions about herself in an interview with Elle Korea entitled “20 Questions with Red Velvet Yeri.”

Here’s 20 facts about Yeri, as told by Yeri herself!


1. Her 3 essential Instagram photos

If Yeri could only have 3 photos on her Instagram, she would post a photo of herself with the other Red Velvet members first followed by two photos of her.

Thankfully, Yeri can have more than 3 photos because we love seeing her Instagram updates!

| @yerimiese/Instagram
| @yerimiese/Instagram

2. What she does when she’s chilling home alone

Yeri’s methods of relaxation are pretty relatable!

When she’s home alone, she likes to watch Netflix, read, and eat.

| @NoMinAngst/Twitter

During the interview, Yeri revealed that she’s been reading the novel Norweigan Wood by Japanese author Haruki Murakami.

3. What she’s been watching lately

Lately, Yeri can’t get enough of Netflix‘s series, The Crown.

She said she’s been super into learning about the British royal family, and she’s been binge-watching this show all night long.

4. Her favorite food

Yeri said avocados are still her favorite food.

She said she cuts her avocados in half and then eats them with a spoon.

5. Whether or not she cooks her avocados

Yeri loves the taste of avocados so much that she doesn’t cook them!

She cuts into them right away and enjoys them raw.

6. Her favorite hairstyle

Yeri likes short hair.

She loved her hair for the “Peek-A-Boo” comeback, and she wants to cut her hair short again!

| @_imjaebong/Twitter

7. The hair colors she wants to try

Yeri wants to go platinum blonde again, and we’re here for it!

| @Reveluvlyeee/Twitter

She also wants to try purple and blue hair.

8. The fashion item she owns the most of

Yeri said she owns many handbags.

She revealed that she has lots of purses, but she always wants more!

9. The cosmetics item she owns the most of

Yeri owns many lip products.

She said she’s “such a lip gal” and that she feels the same way about lip products as she does about handbags. She asked, “Why do I keep wanting more when I have so much?”

10. Her favorite stage outfit

This question was hard for Yeri to answer, and she asked the interviewer for a chance to look through her brain’s “data” first!

After thinking for a while, Yeri chose her outfits from “Peek-A-Boo.” She said she felt “really cool” in those outfits, which she liked.

11. Her MBTI type

Yeri is an INFP.

She described her MBTI as “a little complicated type for sure.” As an INFP, Yeri feels that she’s the type who wants to go out but is too lazy to leave home, but she’ll go out with a friend if they invite her out. However, she gets excited when plans get canceled.

She said that’s basically who she is, and that she hopes her fellow INFPs can relate!

12. If she’s a homebody or likes to go out

Yeri said this question was difficult to answer because she likes staying home, but she’ll go out if somebody makes plans with her.

Ultimately, Yeri decided she’s “an outdoor person who acts like a homebody.”

13. Who she thinks has the wrong MBTI

Yeri thinks AKMU‘s Chanhyuk has the wrong MBTI type.

She thought he would be an INFP like her, but his MBTI type starts with an E, which means he’s an extrovert. Yeri said she was “shook” when she first heard his MBTI results!

14. Her favorite nickname

Yeri’s favorite nickname is Lovelylim!

15. Who calls her Lovelylim the most often

Yeri said her fans call her Lovelylim often, but she wants them to use this nickname more frequently.

16. If she prefers love at first sight or love that grows over time

Yeri said she’s more into love at first sight these days.

She said that in her recent drama, Blue Birthday, she plays the first love of Ji Seo Jun (Yang Hong Seok), and she hopes to “become more of a love at first sight person.” 

17. Something cool she said recently

Yeri thinks her lines from Blue Birthday are the coolest things she’s said lately.

She recited her favorite line, “Don’t die, I will never leave you to die.” Then, she asked, “Isn’t it pretty cool?”

18. Fun moments from the set of Blue Birthday

Yeri said one of her nicknames is Uncle Lim because Blue Birthday‘s directors and crew members say she acts like an old man.

She said that she and the Blue Birthday crew shared good laughs due to her old man-like behavior!

19. How she would describe “Queendom”

Yeri described Red Velvet’s latest song as a “witch gathering.”

She hilariously added that the group is casting a spell for people to love the song!

She liked that the Red Velvet members were able to show a more mature side of themselves through the song, too.

20. What she wants ReVeluvs to know

Yeri said she worked really hard on her Elle shoot, and that she hopes ReVeluvs love it!

Yeri’s photos came out amazing, so she has nothing to worry about!

| Elle Korea
| Elle Korea

See Yeri’s full interview below.

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