20+ Gorgeous Looks Fans Wish Their Biases Would Revisit

They want these looks to make a comeback.

Idols go through countless style changes over the course of their careers, and while fans love seeing each new look, every fan has their favorite. These are 20+ gorgeous looks fans have been missing!


1. Suga (BTS)

“I need a Mint Yoongi comeback, BigHit. Don’t make me grovel, because I will.” nightsh4de14 


2. Sana (TWICE)

“Sana Gray hair!!” — stereo_drive


3. Taeyong (NCT)

“Taeyong with black hair and preferably NO MULLET. Make it happen SM. Save the poor boy’s scalp.” — caralyn7


4. Wendy (Red Velvet)

“Another one is Wendy’s bangs, which has been around for so long (since Ice Cream Cake) that I think people forgot there was a time where we could see her forehead, and she looked gorgeous.” — chancehugs


5. Xiumin (EXO)

“Black haired Xiumin was peak Xiumin.” — professorgenkii


6. Irene (Red Velvet)

“Irene violet hair please.” — kavanathunderfunk


7. Wonho (MONSTA X)

“I feel like I bring this up on this sub like once a month, but PLEASE BRING BACK WONHO’S BLUE-TIPPED SILVER HAIR. Especially if it’s styled back off his face.” — torywestside


8. Wheein (MAMAMOO)

“I really miss the more natural look Wheein.” — mylord420


9. BTS’s V, RM, and Jimin

“Red-haired Taehyung, purple grape-haired Namjoon, and “Blood, Sweat & Tears” era Jimin.” — softvocals


10. Go Won (LOONA)

“I thought Go Won looked extremely good with black hair in One & Only, and while she still looks cute with the Hi High blonde ponytail as well, the black hair I think had a more edgy and ethereal look, and complements her pale skin tone well.”  chancehugs


11. Doyoung (NCT)

“Doyoung with orange hair. Specifically when he had the little blond streaks during 7th Sense. I cry everyday knowing I missed out on that era when this look existed.” thedreambubbles


12. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)

“Silver Moonbyul is best Moonbyul.” — asopijw65


13. D.O (EXO)

“D.O. with some colour in his hair. Preferably red and with an undercut.” — ZahxEXO


14. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)

“Even though I love her current hair color, purple haired Jisoo was amazing!” — nalalisa


15. Jin (BTS)

“I would do anything to have pink hair Jin again, but he said he hates touching up roots, so it’s okay.”  reyhana_


16. Momo (TWICE)

“Momo without bangs. She’s had bangs since Sixteen, it’s been 3 years ;-; Please JYP ;-;.” — CatchingStorms


17.  Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN)

“I miss long hair Jeonghan, however he said he’s happier with short hair so I support him of course!!” — RobotFlapjack


18.  Jeongyeon (TWICE)

“Blue hair Jeongyeon (its legendary at this point).” — ymeMN


19.  Suho (EXO)

“Blond Suho was a gift from heavens, I dream about it frequently.” — Once1again


20. SeolA (Cosmic Girls)

“WJSN – SeolA pitch black hair. Made her look soo elegant!” — Mekvek


21. Taemin (SHINee)

“Taemin’s Danger era, now that he has bulked up quite a bit. But this time more punk rock instead of glam rock.” — areumdawol