20+ Of The Funniest Costumes Worn By K-Pop Idols That Will Make You Wish It Was Halloween Already

Whether for Halloween, for punishment, or some other reason, these were hilarious costumes.

Halloween may be a long ways off, but that doesn’t mean that costumes can’t be appreciated any other time of the year! K-Pop idols have worn countless different costumes over the years, oftentimes for funny dance practice videos or as silly punishments for losing some game or bet. Here are 20+ of the most hilarious costumes that K-Pop idols have worn, willingly or not, over the years.

1. Woozi as a Teletubby (SEVENTEEN)

2. Dahyun as the Genie from Aladdin (TWICE)

3. Lia as a strawberry (ITZY)


4. Haechan as Michael Jackson (NCT)

5. V as Snow White (BTS)



6. Jinsung as Spongebob (1the9)

7. Yechan as a crab (1the9)

8. Seunghwan as a carrot (1the9)

9. Jungkook as a bunny (BTS)


10. Jimin as a cabbage (BTS)


11. RM as Ryan (BTS)

12. Chenle as Pennywise (NCT Dream)


13. JR as Stitch (NU’EST)

14. Ren as an (angry) avocado (NU’EST)

15. All of Red Velvet as Winnie the Pooh

16. Key and Onew as Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders (SHINee)


17. Chen as a “Yogurt Lady” (EXO)

18. Suga as Naruto (BTS)

19. Siwon as a centaur (Super Junior)

20. Jin as a pumpkin (BTS)


21. Melody Day as various foods