20+ Funniest Netizen Reactions To Parasite’s Historical 4 Oscar Wins

It was a wild ride.

Parasite made history as the first Korean film to be nominated for (and to win!) multiple Oscars.

The film took home four awards: “Best Original Screenplay”, “Best International Feature Film”, “Best Director” and most impressively, “Best Picture”.

Each award was well-deserved, and everyone’s reactions were noteworthy in themselves. Check out some of the best Tweets below!

1. Part of the cast

2. Ready to drink

3. The caveat of “Parasite”

4. Relatable Bong Joon Ho

5. Relatable Bong Joon Ho Part II

6. This “Simpsons” reference

7. Both BTS and “Parasite”

8. Late but not too late

9. Favorite scene

10. Just like the movie poster

11. Jinyoung’s cosplay

12. Respect!

13. No plan needed

14. We’re ready

15. Bong. Joon. Ho.

16. People missing out

17. The perfect after party

18. The ideal homecoming

19. Our honest reactions

20. The reference in “New Journey To The West”

21. No, it’s not

22. BRB gonna download

23. Time to celebrate!

Truly though, congratulations, Parasite!