20+ GIFs Of BTS Rehearsing Their Sexiest Performance Ever

Hold on to your heart, ladies and gents!

1. Jimin starting the song with his gentle walk and piercing stare.


2. Then Jungkook comes in, wearing a seemingly innocent and casual outfit.


3. The rest of the vocal line comes in, dressed in various boyfriend-looks.


4. Of course, V looks handsome as he sings “The something we’re sharing, and you can’t make it nothing.”



5. All 7 boys dance while grabbing their belts, then the beat drops.


6. Can Jin be anymore handsome?


7. Do you see why we said Jungkook’s outfit is “seemingly” innocent?


8. Peek-a-boo!


9. Then RM starts rapping as the rest of the boys start to body wave.


10. Of course, Suga loves to make a wreck of his fans by wearing all black.


11. Can the boys just wear street clothes on stage all the time? Especially that thin white long sleeve on J-Hope. Wow.


12. Looks like Jimin’s dancer legs are still thriving.


13. Fancy footwork and then the group thrusts all at once, perfection.


14 As BTS promises that “you got the best of me“, they seal the deal with a couple more jumps and delicious body waves.


15. Jimin is really good at those body rolls.


16. Then Jimin and Jungkook do their pair choreography, while Jungkook’s shirt reminds us why he’s called the “muscle pig”.


17. And he finishes it off with a smoulder. Oof.


18. Petition to have J-Hope wear long, white, thin shirts every single day please.


19. More group thrusts, more fancy footwork, more of V as a gorgeous center. Shook!


20. Who else feels like their getting lightheaded as they step closer they aggressively step towards the camera?


21. “When you say that you love me, I’m whole with that one phrase”.  And, the song ends with one final smoulder. Whew.


Okay but then, each member showed off what they thought was the main point of the choreography which had the members filming on their personal phones.


It’s a lot. So, we’ll just leave these here and go.


Thank you, BTS. For melting our souls with your sexiness!

Source: Dispatch