20 Of GOT7’s Most Embarrassing Stage Accidents Of All Time

These GOT7 fails will make you feel better about your own.

1. Jinyoung’s unintentional mic drop.

Jinyoung accidentally threw his mic off the stage while throwing confetti. You can just imagine the tech crew cursing his name!

Luckily his fans gave it back to him.


2. When Jackson ripped Mark’s pants during Weekly Idol. 


3. That time Mark wiped out during a martial arts stunt.

Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt and even laughed about it afterward.


4. That time the pyrotechnics nearly gave everyone heart attacks.


5. When Mark jumped the gun and immediately realized his mistake.

Anyone who has ever taken a Zumba class can relate!


6. That time Mark nearly flattened his members.

During a stunt, Jackson didn’t push Mark quite hard enough, making it difficult for Mark to land it. Jackson didn’t realize this, but his challenging expression makes it seem like he did it on purpose!


7. When they tripped all over After School Club.


8. When only one of them nailed it.


9. That time no one knew what they were doing.


10. That time JB tried to kick bubbles…but kicked himself.

Flexibility isn’t always a good thing.


11. At a fan event, JB tried to b-boy. Keyword: “tried”.


12. That time BamBam ran right into Jinyoung’s savage trap.


13. That time they proved that one wrong word can ruin everything.


14. JB’s “present”.

GOT7‘s leader really knows how to embarrass his members!


15. When Jackson’s aegyo made all the members wish they were somewhere else.


16. When mixing up the five senses ruined a beautiful song.

The word he was looking for was “hear” not “see”!


17. That time JB couldn’t stand his own cheesiness.


18. When Jackson when flying in Thailand.

He was trying to kick a balloon…but there was no balloon to kick!


19. That time Yugyeom had a nearly perfect performance.

He slipped right as the lights went down!


20. Jackson accidentally hit a fan then went over to make sure she was okay.